Athlete Spotlight

Athlete Elite Spotlight: Nixlot Dameus

Nixlot Dameus, a respected Elite Athlete and gym owner in Philadelphia, sits down with us to discuss his rise through fitness and where he draws his inspiration and drive. Nixlot runs through his favorite Gaspari products to keep him going through his busy schedule and talks about his mentality around training.

Athlete Elite Spotlight: Leland DeVaughn Jr

  In this week's episode of Athlete Elite Spotlight, we have Leland DeVaughn Jr. joining us to explain his life in the world of bodybuilding. Leland gives his favorite Gaspari products to take on prep, as well as a look inside his life as he works his life around fitness.

Athlete Elite Spotlight: Jordan Wise

Jordan Wise, a new addition to #TeamGaspari sits down to share with us his journey in fitness, some of his favorite Gaspari Nutrition products, and where he hopes to go in this bodybuilding lifestyle

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Richie's Old School Training Tips

Arnold Press

Rich Gaspari and #TeamGaspari Elite Athlete Zeek Andrews demonstrate the proper way to do the Arnold Press, made famous by legendary bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger.Try it out for yourself and see how combining old school techniques will improve your workouts.

Two Arm Dumbbell Row for Thickness

Rich Gaspari shares in this segment of Old School Training Techniques how a two armed dumbbell row can be used to increase the thickness in your back and arms.Moving slowly through a workout is incredibly beneficial and helps you maximize the energy you put into every workout. Rich demonstrates here the proper way to do a two armed dumbbell row for increasing your thickness. When combined with our other training techniques, prepare to see the difference!

3 Parts of the Triceps Old School Training Techniques

In this segment of Old School Training Techniques, Rich Gaspari explains the three unique parts of the triceps, along with how to train each individual partCombining these exercises into your triceps days will help build every part of your triceps, to make sure all three parts are as strong as possible!

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Supplement Corner

Supplement Corner: HMB

HMB is the acronym for a mega complicated word:  beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate. HMB has  gained a lot of popularity as a dietary supplement in the health and fitness community for its potential to aid muscle growth and recovery. HMB does occur naturally in the body – when your body breaks down the branched chain amino acid, leucine, that’s essential for protein synthesis and muscle repair But. As with all naturally occurring substances, the body just doesn't produce enough of it for our needs, so we must supplement HMB to realize its effect. Several studies looked at the effects of taking HMB with creatine in resistance trained athletes and found that taking 3 grams of HMB, along with varying doses of creatine, significantly improved strength and high intensity exercise performance. It also aided muscle growth and reduced body fat. These studies demonstrated that taking supplemental HMB  can affect lean body mass by...

Supplement Corner: Glutamine

Glutamine is another amino acid naturally produced by the body. But, even though it's the most abundant, at times we still don't make enough of it for a hard training athlete. That's why it’s considered a “conditionally essential amino acid.”  Glutamine is found in meat and other animal products. Consuming these foods is the simplest way to get high amounts of it. Physical stress is very hard on the body and effects a lot of our systems. The two most important to us is our digestive system and our immune system. Glutamine has shown to support many of the body's processes, particularly good digestive function and good gut health.   It also plays a roll in fueling the body by sending nitrogen and carbon to many different parts of the body.   It is estimated that a typical high animal sourced protein diet contains 3 to 6 grams per day. However,...

Supplement Corner: BCAA's

Branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs,  are a group of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine.  These BCAAs, particularly leucine, have shown to be the key nutrient for turning on protein synthesis in muscle. As you exercise, amino acids, particularly the branched chains, gradually deplete. If this goes on long enough, muscle protein breakdown occurs and you go from muscle building to tearing it down. Since branched chain aminos are already broken down into individual amino acids, they are utilized immediately. As soon as they hit the small intestine they're immediately absorbed into the blood stream and on their way to where you need them – muscle.   When you're supplementing BCAAs, bear in mind that the 2:1:1 Ratio of leucine to valine to isoleucine is the only ratio that has scientifically backed studies to show that BCAAs positively effects protein synthesis after training.   However, more recent studies...

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Gaspari Kitchen

Steamed Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean sea bass is one of the most expensive fish you can buy. That being the case, a fool proof way to cook it is what you need. And I'm the man for the job.


Stretch your meal's volume by making soup.When calories are restricted it seems like cravings and the will to stuff yourself increase. How can you stretch those meager diet portions? Make soup! For very few added calories, you can get a lot of milage bit of a little bit of food.Recipe: 1 cup chopped celery 1 cup chopped carrot 1 cup canned plum tomatoes 1 1/2 cups chopped onion 1 cup sliced mushrooms 8 oz chicken breast, cut into chunks 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp black pepper 1 tbsp extra virgin oil 4 cups chicken stock 1 tbsp chopped basil Directions: Heat 1 TBS olive oil to a pre heated 4 quart sauce pan and add the onion, salt and pepper. Lower the heat and cook the onion until it's browned and well caramelized. Add the chicken and sauté with the onion until the chicken turns white - about three min. Then add the chicken...

Rice Pizza

The term “pizza” here is, especially for an Italian, EXTREMELY generous. It's more aptly named “rice pancake topped with cheese and tomato.” But, from a purely psychological aspect, it could be considered comforting.
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Gaspari Blog

Don't Be A Sucker!

Just like as it is with any product or service based business, claims of being the “the best” run rampant in the sports supplement arena. Everyone makes the best sports supplements, just ask them. They're certainly not going to tell you they don't make the best supplements; that they're just the middle of the road, average, or the worst. They're all going to proclaim to be the best! But, as things stack up, there can only be one best. Everything else is not the best, in spite of plaintive claims to the contrary. Such is life. The problem attached to this lies in the details that caused a forfeiture of the number one supplement spot. If it was a close call and the difference between best and not the best was a split hair, then you'd probably have no problem using that product or service in lieu of the best...


A common saying we hear all the time is, “don't judge a book by its cover. In the sense of fairness, I suppose there's some truth to that, but, today, in this world, particularly in bodybuilding, appearances matter. Your appearance matters a lot because of what your appearance says about you.  This is especially true if you're a bodybuilder, including me. From the age of 13 on, I dedicated myself to maximizing my appearance: I built the biggest muscles possible with the most vascularity, symmetry and definition. I’ve gone so far as to take the body I built to the stage to be judge, not only by the bodybuilding judges, but also the general public in the audience and by being on magazine covers, videos and appearances. In so doing, one thing you learn early on as a bodybuilder is that not everyone says nice things about you. I have...


We live in a culture that can be very self-indulgent. There's a lot of lazy people who like things the easy way. Is it any wonder then that there is so much mediocrity in our world? Take health for example. Too many of us are lazy. This leads to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, poor mobility.  These conditions are rampant in America among both young and old alike. People want to blame fast food companies. But, they're only giving lazy people what we demand – the easy way. The blame lies in the mindset. If you choose to be unhealthy you will. By the same token, if you settle for mediocrity, that's all you'll get.  The gym is a fertile breeding ground for mediocrity. No one is going to get on you if you're not hitting it harder than you were yesterday. In fact, no matter how bad you're mired in mediocrity,...

I Dared To Dream.... Of Being The Hulk

For a lot of bodybuilders, Arnold Schwarzenegger was their inspiration. A few of us though went for the underdog, Lou Ferrigno. I'll always admire Arnold, but Lou was who I wanted to look like, mainly because he was the Hulk, and what kid doesn't want to be the Hulk? As a young kid, I loved reading my older brother’s comic books. Captain America, Spider-Man, The Avengers, X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Superman, The Green Lantern, Batman, Wolverine..... They were all great. But when I got to a comic that featured The Incredible Hulk, he was instantly my favorite character. He was the strongest of all the comic book characters and I wanted to be as big and as strong as the Hulk. There’s a reason the appeal of comic book figures is powerful and enduring for young boys. For many of us, they represented our first dreams about who we want...


The surest way to get me to do something it to tell me I can't do it. It's been the greatest motivation my entire life. The second someone tells me you can't do that, I'm on fire to prove them wrong.  Bodybuilding included.  Growing up, I always knew I was loved and that my family had my back. That was a great feeling then and also later in life, when things weren’t going so great for me. I can’t thank my parents enough. But, just because my dad loved me doesn’t mean he was always easy to be around. He had his own bodybuilding program planned for me. It was called hard work in the trenches as a manual laborer. He was a brick and stonemason, so he certainly knew a fail proof system to get me strong. Now, I’m proud of my dad and don’t think of myself as...


Procrastination is the gateway to trouble, especially if you're interested in building any serious, measurable, gains in size, strength, or athletic performance. For you, procrastination is a setback. The more you lack motivation and  procrastinate, the more you stretch out the process. You procrastinate at the expense of your gainz. And that's the truth. So is the fact that the reason you're procrastinating is because you have to do something you don't want to do. In other words, you have to eat a frog. That's right, a frog.   I once read a little book on personal development called Eat That Frog, by Brian Tracy - a motivational public speaker and self-development author. With over eighty books to Tracy's credit, including NY Times best sellers, Earn What You're Really Worth and No Excuses, that have been translated into dozens of languages. So, I figured Tracy might know what he'd be...

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