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Athlete Elite Spotlight: Leland DeVaughn Jr

  In this week's episode of Athlete Elite Spotlight, we have Leland DeVaughn Jr. joining us to explain his life in the world of bodybuilding. Leland gives his favorite Gaspari products to take on prep, as well as a look inside his life as he works his life around fitness.

Athlete Elite Spotlight: Jordan Wise

Jordan Wise, a new addition to #TeamGaspari sits down to share with us his journey in fitness, some of his favorite Gaspari Nutrition products, and where he hopes to go in this bodybuilding lifestyle

Athlete Elite Spotlight: Javiohn Seymore

Hometown Georgian Javiohn sits down with us in this edition of Athlete Elite Spotlight with #TeamGaspari. Javiohn shares his motivations in the world of fitness, his aspirations as well as the Gaspari supplements he takes to help him train at an elite level.

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Richie's Old School Training Tips

Dumbbell Upright Rows Supersetted with Front Raises

Rich Gaspari and Mr Olympia competitor Zeek Andrews demonstrate a great set of exercises to help build up the delts.Supersetting Dumbbell Upright Rows with Front Raises is a great way to add size and strength to the delt muscles.

Cable Kick Backs

Rich Gaspari and Aliona demonstrate how to use a cable machine to help isolate the glute muscles in this exercise. By using a cable machine set to the lowest point, you can attach the cable to your ankle and help isolate the glute muscles for each leg individually. Try it out for yourself and feel the difference!

Chest Drop Sets

Rich Gaspari explains here the fundamentals of a drop set and how they can be incredibly beneficial to your workouts to reach maximum tension in the muscles. He demonstrates with #TeamGaspari athlete Oswaldo how the pace of a drop set is very important, while showcasing a quick chest workout

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Supplement Corner

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Gaspari Kitchen

Steamed Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean sea bass is one of the most expensive fish you can buy. That being the case, a fool proof way to cook it is what you need. And I'm the man for the job.


Stretch your meal's volume by making soup.When calories are restricted it seems like cravings and the will to stuff yourself increase. How can you stretch those meager diet portions? Make soup! For very few added calories, you can get a lot of milage bit of a little bit of food.Recipe: 1 cup chopped celery 1 cup chopped carrot 1 cup canned plum tomatoes 1 1/2 cups chopped onion 1 cup sliced mushrooms 8 oz chicken breast, cut into chunks 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp black pepper 1 tbsp extra virgin oil 4 cups chicken stock 1 tbsp chopped basil Directions: Heat 1 TBS olive oil to a pre heated 4 quart sauce pan and add the onion, salt and pepper. Lower the heat and cook the onion until it's browned and well caramelized. Add the chicken and sauté with the onion until the chicken turns white - about three min. Then add the chicken...

Rice Pizza

The term “pizza” here is, especially for an Italian, EXTREMELY generous. It's more aptly named “rice pancake topped with cheese and tomato.” But, from a purely psychological aspect, it could be considered comforting.
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Gaspari Blog

What Happens After We Lose

Even though more people lose than win, success stories seem to be a dime a dozen. No one really talks about losing, and no one really talks about getting back up, but we should. But, before we do, I think we should actually define winning. In a foot race, that's a petty easy thing to do, but in life and in business it's not so cut and dry. Measuring success is, too many times, measured in dollars. Well, I'm here to tell you that's not the case. Vision, passion and drive will bring you success in business. If you can mange your business successfully, the money will come. Money is nothing more than a score card – a byproduct of success, not the definition of success. Business is hard. Staying in business is even harder. Staying in business for decades is like landing on the moon. A lot of people...

Do Sports Nutrition And General Nutrition Have The Same Goals?

A sports dietician would probably say that nutrition for athletes would seek the same ultimate goal as general nutrition – insofar as that ultimate goal being, of course, good overall health. However, within the confines of good overall health an athlete is able to train hard. Hard training athletes expose themselves to nutritional needs that non-athletes don't usually face. So, in constructing an athlete's meal plan, not only must the tenets of good health be followed, but an athlete's diet should also consist of specific nutrient densities that satisfy the unique requirements generated by the sports they pursue. So, to answer the question, do sports nutrition and general nutrition have the same goals? The answer is both yes and no. Nutrition for non-athletes is traditionally fairly basic. It pretty much boils down to maintaining acceptable body composition through a calculation of the traditional “calories in” vs “calories out” formula to...

Are All Dietary Supplements Basically Snake Oil?

The term “snake oil” has long been associated with any dietary supplement that made health claims, usually devoid of proven supplement facts, of their product. The concept goes back to the pioneer days, when a traveling salesman hawked an anti-inflammatory, made from a proprietary blend that contained actual Chinese water snakes. Based on today's supplement facts, the stuff worked. High in omega-3 fatty acids from the snakes, daily supplements made from the snake oil actually reduced inflammation and eased the symptoms associated with arthritis. It wasn't long until an enterprising pitchman decided to make his own snake oil and travel town to town selling it. However, due to the paucity of Chinese water snakes being raised in the boom towns of the wild west, his proprietary blend used rattlesnakes. This of course was devoid of any scientific fact that would demonstrate that the rattlesnake supplement represented a reasonable facsimile for...

It's not about the work. It's about the WORK.

“Work ethic” seems to a be a perception difficult to share. One man's version of hard work could seem like a vacation to another - the “your workout is my warm-up” philosophy. It's a pretty common belief that, if you come from a family of immigrants, you have been instilled with a pretty powerful work ethic. It's pretty hard to argue with that. Anyone who has traveled to America since the turn of the century (the 20th) perusing a dream only realized that dream by working hard. Those born with the proverbial “silver spoon” in their mouths are routinely accused of not appreciating what they have because it was handed to them. That may be true for some, but I can't imagine seeing an arial view of the 405 freeway, during evening rush hour, and not being grateful you're not sentenced to ten trips a week, as nothing more than...

What Is The Best Strength Training Routine 3 Days A Week?

The best three-day workout routine is the one you're going to do three days a week. It's absolutely pointless to embark on a fitness program, with a well researched list of exercises for a three day workout routine, if you're not going to do it consistently, three days a week. I'm emphasizing “three” because it’s a screaming deal if you can get away with it. Devoting a three-day workout routine to a seven day week is a pretty paltry commitment, considering what you intend to accomplish. And that's really the issue. What is the purpose of this fitness program? If your goal is to build a bodybuilder physique, there is pretty much little you can do with a three-day routine of even the best mass building workouts. Unless you can commit to training all day long for those three days, building mass with just a three day workout routine is...

How Do You Get So Lean?

“If you stay ready you don't have to get ready” - Suga Free People always ask me how l get so lean? My answer is simple, l stay lean. If I stay lean I don' t have to get lean. Right? I mean, that's pretty simple. Ah, but is it? A casual stroll through the domestic terminal of your basic international airport, in any city (my de facto example of the most diverse cross section of America), and you will find an extraordinary number of people who don't pay attention to Suga Free, cuz, they ain't ready. Well, maybe for a pie eating contest, but nothing remotely espousing a healthy body fat level, let alone anything to the extreme that we expect from a bodybuilder. So, stay lean?  Yes, if you want to be lean, stay lean. I was an obese kid and I've stayed lean for over 40 years. ...

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