Perfect Steak On Top Of The Stove

Steak without flame??

The number one best way to cook a steak is over an open flame. We all know that. But, if you are not availed to the luxury of year round warm weather and your winters are bleak, dark, wet and cold, your outdoor grilling inevitably gets throttled back to a minimum, if at all.

One option is to relegate our inclement winter steak eating to opulent steak houses. An example of which I visited a few nights ago with friends. One of whom dropped a solid 100 bucks on an otherwise normal ribeye, but for the useless exaggerated rib protuberance that supposedly turned it into a tomahawk. Yeah, such repeated behavior can add up. If each of the wrist watches in your rotation cost as much as a car, such behavior will not affect you. The rest of us are going to have to figure out something else.

Remember that cast iron pan I told you about?
( Another great use for it is cooking perfect steaks on the stove, regardless of how crappy the weather outside.


  1. Heat the pan over high heat. Meanwhile, rub a tiny bit of olive oil over both sides a couple of 1inch NY Strips (or any other cut) and season to taste. I love a good Greek seasoning, or just good old salt and pepper will do.

  2. For a couple of room temperature, 1inch, strips, cooked to "med" (red warm center), cook 4 minutes a side, only turning them once. After the second side gets its 4 minutes, remove from the pan and let it rest in a covered container for 15 - 30 min, to finish cooking and redistribute the juices.

  3. If you like your steak less done, try 1 minute less per side, if you like it more cooked, try a total of 5 minutes per side. Pay attention to what you're doing and it's only going to take two or three steaks for you to get your technique down so that you get perfect results every time.

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