Gaspari Nutrition Re-releases Its Famed Pump Product, Plasma Jet

The legend continues with the return of the company's flagship nitric oxide enhancing pre-workout “pump formula.”

Enhancing nitric oxide is how to achieve and maintain that coveted muscle “pump,” to not only enhance your workout, but to also enhance what you see in the mirror during your workout. We all love that shirt sleeve stretching pump!

Gaspari knows this and originally developed what became the most talked-about nitric oxide enhancing pump product. Original Plasma Jet took the pump product and pre-workout, nitric acid enhancing, market by storm. Every serious lifter was using it and raving about their enhanced workouts and searing, skin splitting pumps and crazy vascularity.

Nitric oxide (NO) is a widespread, naturally occurring, signaling molecule synthesized from the amino acid L-arginine.  Nitric oxide participates in virtually every cellular function in the body and is vital to the health of many organs.  Nitric oxide stimulates the release of numerous hormones, such as insulin and human growth hormone, both of which are important to people who work out intensely. The most influential element of nitric oxide and nitric oxide enhancement pre-workout is vasodilation - relaxing the inner muscles of blood vessels, causing them to widen and increase circulation. This is what leads to the pump and enhanced vascularity during an intense workout.

It wasn't long after Plasma Jet's release that it amassed a cult following. There was a time during its peak that every serious lifter had a box of Plasma Jet in their gym bag. Gaspari Nutrition received testimonial after testimonial from serious lifters like you from all over the world, raving about the nitric oxide enhancing effects of Plasma Jet. Claims of enhanced workouts were the norm, with incredible vascularity and skin stretching pump that would make a marble statue cry. People loved Plasma Jet and actually relied on it daily. Reports were common of poor workouts when a lifter missed his pre-workout dose. Then, just like that, Plasma Jet disappeared.

Plasma Jet Returns Soon

Sales reps around the country were besieged with orders for Plasma Jet that they couldn't fill. Calls to the company were inconclusive. What happened to Plasma Jet? According to company founder, Rich Gaspari, “consistently producing such a popular and effective product requires a lot of moving parts, and they all have to move in harmony. From sourcing high-quality raw materials, having them pass quarantine, tests for purity and potency, production scheduling, manufacturing, distribution, shipping..... A lot of people don't know what it takes to get a product from my imagination to the store shelves. As I said, there are a lot of moving parts and sometimes a wrench gets tossed in the gears.  And sometimes the damage to the machine that it causes takes a while to fix. That was the case with Plasma Jet. But, we fixed the issues and actually improved on the formulation. The new Plasma Jet is much more effective at enhancing nitric oxide and delivering intense pumps and crazy vascularity during your workout.”

There you have it, right from the horse's' mouth. No one wanted to remove Plasma Jet from the shelves. It was an amalgam of factors that took a while to resolve. And now it's back. Every now and then a supplement company hits the proverbial home run. A testament to how far Gaspari hit it out of the park with its nitric oxide enhancing pump formula lies in the solid interest expressed with its return. Ever since news of Plasma Jet's return leaked out, distributors across the country and around the globe have been swamped with inquiries and pre-order requests ahead of its launch. New Plasma Jet is the next-generation nitric oxide enhancer that gives you:

  • Skin splitting muscle pumps
  • Noticeable gains in lean muscle
  • Radical increases in strength and stamina
  • Increased glycogen storage
  • Crazy vascularity bordering on grotesque
  • Enhanced uptake of amino acids and other muscle-building nutrients

Remember, those who have used Plasma Jet in the past reported incredible results and they're chomping at the bit for its return. It's a product that does what it says it's going to do. Anyone who knows the history of Gaspari nutrition knows, that for 22 years, every product claim that it makes has been true. This is what you'd expect from a company that sells a product with the owner's name on the bottle.

If you want to enhance your workout with the insane pumps and crazy vascularity you get from a superior nitric oxide maximizer, then you're going to love Plasma Jet.

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  • You just made my whole week! Nothing has ever worked as well as PlasmaJet for me!

    Jim Davis on

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