Old School Leg Blasting with Rich Gaspari

The big giant extra bulbous booties and skull crushing amazon quads and hamstrings the Wellness girls are packing these days have gotten quite a bit of attention. Of course not all of it it's good. There's always going to be the distractors who think it's too overdone, too much, unbalanced..... you've heard it all. But, some people thrive on the creation. The wellness division in bodybuilding is growing like the booties it espouses. People love it. For the guys who are into it, watching a champion level wellness girl run through her workout is a sight to behold. For some women, that kind of workout is just what she's looking for.
Now, imagine not one, but two, champion wellness girls being thrashed into submission by an IFBB pro bodybuilding legend (who took second to Lee Haney in the Olympia three years in a row) on their leg day.  Well, Gaspari Nutrition did it for you. Aliona and Fafa, two stunning examples of Wellness booty and quad royalty, descend upon Alphalete gym in Houston, TX, and hand over their workout to Rich Gaspari. 

In what could only be perceived as unbridled brutality, these two girls endure an insane old school leg workout that would cripple a mere mortal.  Drop sets, forced reps, negatives, partials, you name it and Rich inflicted it upon them. And they took it all in stride. Absolutely incredible video footage of the workout can be found here https://youtu.be/_8V2FRbrb7s

Now, some guys may look at that and, if not become intimidated, at least be impressed. Or not like it at all. However, a woman may look at this and say, yeah that's great for them, but I don't want to look like that. But..... a lot of women in the gym these days are taking ques from the Wellness girls and employing many of their techniques into their regular workouts. They may not be willing to take it as far as Aliona or Fafa, but anywhere along the way could be just fine. In fact, the majority of Wellness fans are women!

This is because many women – and men too for that matter – understand that besides skin and bones, there's only two other elements that make up the human form. One is fat and the other is muscle. Muscle is moldable, fat is not. Your body decides where fat will be stored and many times it's in the wrong place. Muscle, on the other hand, is marble for the sculptor. We have total control over where the muscle goes. And, as we all know, you can't flex fat. 

So, any beautification to the female corpus is going to come from muscle. How you grow it and where is the quandary. Tips from Wellness champs is like taking driving lessons from a formula 1 Champion. There's no way what they tell you wont work. Intense physical exercise is what builds muscle. A well balanced and controlled eating plan provides the required energy to put yourself through the kind of grueling workout necessary to build muscle as well as keep body fat in check. 

Certain supplements such as Gaspari's Glycofuse, SuperPump and Citrulean can help with the process by providing energy, fuel and nutrients for the muscle and a great pump. 

Whatever it takes, the sculptor's goal is to build muscle and burn fat. These are the chisel strokes that create the flowing lines of a well trained physique or just a beautiful body. Take it as far as you like – from looking totally satisfied in your bikini or all the way to the stage, this is the kind of workout that can't possibly fail. 


Legs Extensions
4 sets of 20 reps 
*Last set triple drop to failure with negatives 
45 Degree Leg Press (legs close)
Supersetted with Hack Squats (toes pointed out)
3 sets of 15 reps each
Inverted Leg Press  
Supersetted with Front Squat Machine (legs wide)  
3 sets of 15 reps each 
supersetted with Abductor 
3 sets of 20 reps each

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