Is BBG The Workout For You?

Many women have likely heard of BBG and its followers, but you may not know what it is and how it started. It’s tough to believe that it’s been around since 2014. The community has grown tremendously in just five short years, and the people uplift and support each other.

What Is BBG?

BBG is an exercise program designed for women. It features short workouts that will help you achieve your fitness goals. The workouts themselves are just 28 minutes long, and you’ll do two or three workouts a week. Of course, the program also has three cardio sessions, all of which are low intensity. There are high-intensity cardio choices after Week 6.

The original program was in the form of an eBook and included resistance training for 12 weeks and educational content. This eBook was incredibly popular, so an app was built. You’ll find that it is still in use today and is called the SWEAT app.

Now there is 92 weeks’ worth of BBG workouts on the SWEAT app. That includes eight different beginner workouts to help you start or restart your fitness journey. These beginner workouts build a base fitness so that you can work toward high-intensity routines with time.

Workouts are broken down into legs, abs, arms, and full-body routines. Therefore, you’ll be focusing on a different muscle group each time you work out. You will see moves, such as planks and push-ups, jumping jacks, burpees, weighted squats, and mountain climbers.

With the SWEAT app, you’ll get timers, video demonstrations, and instruction for each exercise. Plus, you’ll find optional challenges, workouts, and recovery sessions. Of course, the BBG Community is also there, where you can discuss things with women like you from anywhere in the world.

A planner is also available on the app, which allows you to schedule your workouts, share and store progress photos, and find out about nutritional recommendations.

What Does the Acronym Mean?

Bikini Body Guide (BBG) was started in 2014, and the idea is that anyone’s body can be a bikini-type body. Through the program, women find empowerment and learn to rely on their own strenghth. They learn to put their health first and develop inner confidence because they showed up and put forth the effort.

These workouts aren’t easy, but they aren’t supposed to be. You have to challenge yourself while taking care of yourself. Often, there are ways to modify the exercises to meet your current fitness level. With time, you can work your way up to the more challenging options.

Many women start with this program and commit themselves to regular exercise. They get stronger, which boosts their confidence.

What To Expect With The Workouts

Each workout is just 28 minutes long and made up of resistance training sessions. You’ll find a mixture of strength-building, bodyweight-only, and plyometric exercises. There are two high-intensity circuits for each session.

The circuits are just seven minutes long and only include three to four exercises. Your goal is to finish as many exercise rounds as you can in the time provided. Then, you will have a bit of a rest and will go on to the next circuit. Of course, the process is completed twice to add up to 28 minutes.

Is this Suitable for Beginners?

Because BBG workouts are designed to be high-intensity, it means they are quite challenging. Women who are new to HIIT workouts might want to start with the Beginner program, which is eight weeks long. You’ll find it in the app, and this will help you build the base you need to start the more intense workouts.

During the Beginner version, you’ll perform exercises that build strength to prepare you for the HIIT workouts. Those first four weeks will focus on growing your base without any jumping. Once that happens, you’ll start being introduced to jumping exercises to prepare for the traditional BBG program.

Those first six weeks in Beginner mode feature two resistance workouts a week with an optional extra if you’re feeling motivated and energetic. A third workout is always included from Week 7 onwards. Therefore, the program gets harder as you get stronger and fitter.

Do You Have to Go to a Gym?

The best news about the BBG program is that you can do the routine anywhere. You don’t need a lot of equipment, which means you can do it outside, while traveling, or in your home. Of course, if you already have a gym membership, you can also do it there.

What Equipment Will You Need?

You won’t require a lot of equipment. In the Beginner module, it’s best to have a recovery and resistance band, yoga mat, chair, dumbbells, and a foam roller for recovery. However, you don’t need to buy all of this at once. You’ll find substitution options available, such as replacing the dumbbells with household items and using towels instead of a mat.

BBG as a Post-pregnancy Workout

Because BBG includes explosive jumping and the Beginner version is designed to build your fitness base, this option might not be right for you if you’ve recently given birth. It’s ideal to choose a workout routine designed for women who have just had a baby. Once you have progressed through that one and have clearance from your doctor, you can start the BBG program or the Beginner program.

If you think that this program might be right for you, now is the time to try it. Follow us on Facebook so that you can find more exercise routines, tips, and instructional information.

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