Hunt For Hardcore: Episode 4

Not far from Gold’s Venice, Rich Gaspari takes a trip “over the hill” to the valley and visits internet bodybuilding phenomenon, Bradley Martyn’s new gym, Zoo Culture. Located just a stone’s throw from the old offices of Joe Weider in Woodland Hills, this gym should be hardcore enough for the most intense bodybuilders. But is it? Rich gives the gym the ultimate test – testing out the equipment, and interviewing members to find out if the atmosphere can really live up to the best hardcore gyms in the country.

So, who’s Bradley Martyn?

RG: “Good Question. He’s got 1.2 mil viewers on YouTube though.”

Does that somehow translate to a great hardcore gym in a town known for hardcore gyms?

RG: “I gotta tell you, the place is equipped. Very well equipped with very heavy duty equipment. Equipment you don’t see in many gyms – like an inverted and isolateral leg press. Even detail items, like a huge assortment of bars and handles with thick grips, tons of dumbbells all the way up to 200 – if people are lifting those, then this is a hardcore gym.”

What about the culture? Does the gym have its hardcore tribe?

RG: “Absolutely. I talked to several members and they all say that this is a younger generation’s answer to Gold’s Gym back in the day. They have that hardcore gym commonality among the members. You can feel it. This is

Address: 6455 De Soto Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Open â‹… Closes 12 AM
Phone: (818) 564-4901

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