Hunt For Hardcore Episode 2

In this episode, Rich Gaspari continues his trip to Callie with a visit to Iron Addicts gym – known for being one of the most hardcore gyms in the country. Does it live up to the hype? Rich finds out…..

Originally launched by three-time World Bench Press champion, CT Fletcher, Iron Addicts is a gym that matches the kind of gym where would CT would want to train: graffiti-covered walls, grim, with old school equipment. It’s a monument to hardcore.

How does Iron Addicts rank among the top hardcore gyms?

RG: “On a scale of one to 10 it’s a 12. It was by far the most hardcore place we went for the entire series.”

What makes it so hardcore?

RG: “The gym space was big and full of great equipment, murals and pretty much like the multi-use space like MetroFlex, but CT has some pretty interesting members training there.”

Interesting in what way?

RG: “There were some huge – I mean seriously huge- dudes working out there. They looked really menacing. And they lifted some seriously heavy weights. Powerful and scary looking. But, they were the nicest guys! Very helpful to new members, and pleasant to everyone. Except the weights! These guys were training so heavy, I was really impressed. It was that seriousness along with the camaraderie they promote that makes Iron Addicts like the hardcore gyms were back in the day.”

CT Fletcher is bad-ass. His curl record went unbroken for something like 18 years. His bench press records were legendary back in the day. It only seems like a natural progression for him to dabble in the hardcore gym business.

RG: “And CT hit it out of the park with Iron Addicts. The hardcore element of a gym has very little to do with the weights and the machines. It’s more of an attitude. It’s something you bring to the gym. It’s how you use the place. Iron Addicts seems to attract that hardcore attitude.”

2224-A Cerritos Ave.
Signal Hill, CA 90755


Mattalyn Lima
Rob “Did It” Thomas

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