How To Lose Face Fat

A lot of people have been asking about how to get rid of face fat. The internet is lighting up with this topic lately. So, let’s talk about this. However, if you’re looking for some miracle diet, some secret technique, or some kind of fashion tips to achieve this, you’re barking up the wrong tree my friends. There’s one immediate problem with this idea – you’re targeting fat on specific parts of your body.

Fat, I’m sorry to say, doesn’t work like muscle. Where muscles grow when you target those muscles, targeting specific parts of the body don’t do much to burn the fat localized to that area of your body.

Crunches resulting in fat loss give the illusion otherwise, but in all reality, it’s just that crunches are fat burners, and your gut is often one of the first things to go because it’s often the central fat reserve in the body.

Fat kind of gathers in a random distribution across your body, and it varies from one person to the next where all this fat will appear. Some people get a fat backside, heavy thighs, a gut, arm or back fat, and some get fat that gathers around their neck and face. Some people get this everywhere, some people, for who knows why, only git their fat buildup in the more awkward places.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter where the fat is, you want to focus on overall weight and fat loss, treating body fat as a singular thing independent of how it adheres to your body. I’ll throw you a bone and give you some facial exercises that do exist at the end of this article but know now that these will do more to tighten your face muscles and combat sagging and visible aging in your face than to do anything about face fat itself.

Let’s talk about weight and fat loss, then!


It’s the best answer to the problem of face fat is this – half of losing fat anywhere on your body is just good, proper exercise. Do some strength training, practice lots of cardio, pursue active hobbies like bicycling or hiking or sports. Reduce your sedentary lifestyle, and your body will begin to burn fat, provided your exercise is balanced and inclusive, and you eat right.

Eating Right

A proper diet is also essential to fat loss. We gain weight because we eat lots of calories, but we don’t burn them. Our body then stores this energy as body fat. Thus, we need not to eat more calories than we’re going to burn when we work out. This will gradually cause our fat to diminish, and we’ll stop gaining weight thanks to healthier eating.

You can still eat good food, just eat more lean protein, more fiber, and more fruit. Eat less processed food, especially baked goods and candy, and cut down on complex carbohydrates. It’s important to see the difference between natural grain and fruit carbohydrates and complex artificially-produced sugars and bleached flours.

It’s also critical to not starve yourself. If you barely eat, you’ll have a much harder time losing fat as your body strives to be conservative with its usage of available resources. Eat a balanced diet, and be sure to maintain a calorie deficit at all times.

So, eating right and exercising won’t just slim your waist and butt, the fat your face may have accumulated will go in time as well.


Fat loss requires some downtime, not just running yourself ragged. If you work out, when you sleep, your body will metabolize fat due to having to do repairs and regeneration of cells. Since you’ve been eating right, there won’t be much for it to use besides protein you’ve had and your body’s own reserves.

Getting proper sound sleep each night will also keep your body balanced, optimized, and healthy. You will have more energy and feel more inclined toward a positive attitude too. Who knew sleep was so important? Well, doctors for one!

Some Exercises

Again, these exercises aren’t going to do that much to enhance the loss of face fat – but they do tighten your muscles and your skin, which makes still-present face fat less visible due to said firming up.

One is the chin lift, which has you look up to the ceiling, and make a kissing face towards it until you feel a stretch in your jaw muscles. Hold this for 10 minutes then relax. Do ten reps of these.

Jaw release begins with a chewing motion with your lips closed. Exhale and hum as you do this. Then, open your mouth and stretch wide, keeping your tongue held down, and keep this position for five to ten seconds. Do ten reps of these.

Finally, the lip pull has you stick your lower jaw as far out as you can until you feel your chin muscles stretch. Hold this for between five and ten seconds, and then relax. Do ten of these as well.

The Bottom Line

There’s nothing you can really do to target face fat specifically and hasten its fat loss, but there are exercises you can do to firm facial muscles. As your body loses fat from diet and exercise, soon enough, your face fat will be counted among these losses. If you suffer from glandular conditions or the like that cause your face to accumulate fat even with an athletic lifestyle, there’s honestly not much more you can do without the help of a physician.

Have patience and continue to work hard, and you will achieve your fitness goals! To learn more about weight loss and exercise, follow us on Facebook today!

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