Egg Protein

Egg white protein powder (albumin) emerged in the late 70's as a staple in most mass training athletes' diets. Back in the day, egg protein was partly responsible for building the first monsters of bodybuilding, powerlifting, wresting and football because it was easy to digest, very efficiently absorbed by the body, high in BCAA's (particularly Leucine), and eggh protein powder tasted pretty good, except for the lumps.  Easily available, economical, low calorie and highly bioavailable, egg protein powder quickly became the most popular, best selling, sports supplement on the market, lumps and all. Today, amid the vast array of hydrolyzed, isolate and concentrated whey proteins, soy and casein blends, egg protein is making a comeback.

Old school is the new school....

 When Gaspari decided to reintroduce egg protein to the market we had several things in mind. First, we wanted to offer the growing number of keto and paleo dieters a very low carbohydrate, highly bioavailable, easily digestible and great tasking, 100% natural, complete protein alternative to whey, soy and casein products.  We also wanted to maximize the amount of protein per scoop and minimize everything else.  Not to mention, we wanted our Proven Egg Protein to be lactose free, free of artificial sweeteners and flavorings and free of anything GMO (genetically modified organism). GMO foods are probably not as bad as some reports might allege, but a growing number of respected researchers agree that more research should be done on GMO foods before we start using them to any large degree. The lactose issue was big for us too. A lot of people are lactose intolerant these days, so a lactose-free egg protein means all-around better digestibility and no bubbling guts.

Same goes for artificial sweeteners. While artificial sweeteners may not be as bad as some claim, science supports the notion that regular consumption of these chemicals is potentially not the best thing when it comes to good health.
And speaking of chemicals, we made sure Gaspari Proven Egg protein is sourced from chickens that weren’t treated with antibiotics, steroids, or other hormones and drugs. Like chemical sweeteners, chickens treated with drugs are probably not the worst thing in the world, but there is ample evidence from the scientific community that demonstrates a possible link in the risk of disease in humans when you consume the meat or the eggs from such jacked up chickens. Just plain old school chickens are the source of our egg protein.


Paleo and keto friendly

The most obvious benefits of using egg white protein powder is that it eliminates unwanted fats and calories from your diet, so it has fewer carbs than many of the whey and casein powders being sold today, but still packs plenty of muscle building protein. In fact, while it may not be as effective at generating protein synthesis as whey, egg protein does much better in terms of stopping muscle breakdown. The body digests egg white protein at a relatively slow rate, The only protein powder more slowly digested is casein. This means that egg protein is able to slow the breakdown of muscle. It actually helps build and repair muscle while you rest. Hands down, egg protein could only be classified as a valuable, high-quality protein and it's time it made a comeback, particularly in this era of growing keto and paleo dieters.


Because Gaspari proven egg is all natural, some people are going to see “all-natural” on the label and immediately think it's gong to taste watery and horrible. And, with good reason! A lot of “all-natural” protein powders out there taste mediocre at best, and that's not just limited to protein powder! Almost anything “all-natural” leaves much to be desired.  So, with that in mind, we wanted to introduce you to something that you will actually look forward to drinking. Just one sip of Gaspari Proven Egg protein and you'll see we hit it out of the park. Not only does it taste amazing, it also has incredible texture, or what we in the industry call, “mouthfeel.” between the insane taste (both chocolate and salted caramel) you'll think your drinking something totally bad for you, not one of the most innovative, powerful, low calorie, low carb, easily digested, Keto and paleo friendly protein powders any money can buy.


But why egg? Why not just stick with whey?

That is the crux issue, isn't it? Well, no one is recommending you toss out your whey protein. It's a great source of protein that has many health benefits along with its stellar ability to contribute to the anabolic environment you're trying to create. We're sure not going to stop producing whey products. But, egg is a great, old school option that has its own long-lost benefits. Egg white protein, known as Albumin, is actually quite similar in its genesis to whey. In the case of albumin, the egg white is separated from the yolk and the yolk used in various other forms of food preparation or processing. The whites are pasteurized, dried and processed into protein powder. In the same vein, whey comes from the manufacturing of cheese. An enzyme is aded to whole milk which causes the milk solids (curd) to separate from the whey. The curd is used to make cheese, while the whey is pasteurized, dried and processed into various forms of whey protein -  concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate.

Whey concentrate is the least processed form and cheapest to manufacture, and it contains some fat and lactose. Whey isolate is a form of whey protein that’s further processed to remove the fat and lactose. Whey isolates cost more to manufacture and the supplement companies pass that expense on to you. Whey hydrolysate is the result of further processing where the whey is “hydrolyzed.” This is a process breaks down the amino acids contained in the whey into smaller, more easily digested components. As you've probably surmised by now, whey hydrolysate is the most expensive of the three options. In light of the foregoing, many supplement companies will say that you'll see better results with whey isolate or hydrolysate than concentrate, but there’s no conclusive research to support this claim. Having said that, its probably obvious that  the cheapest whey will always be a concentrate. And that poses its own particular set of potential problems. Whey concentrates on the market are about 85% protein (by weight), but, they can also be as little as 30%. You can only wonder whats contained in that other 70%. This is where fillers, adulteration and amino spiking come into play. Hence, whey isolate powder is very close to pure protein with minimal additives, and processed to the degree where most of the lactose is removed. Just like egg protein, but more expensive.


Egg beats whey in taste

One of the inherent problems of whey is that it naturally tastes horrible. Therefore, its harder to flavor without a complicated (read multi ingredient) flavor system. Generally speaking, the better tasting the whey product, the more ingredients it contains. This may not always be a bad thing, but you can't manufacture sweetness and good taste without adding calories, usually carbohydrates. This is why whey protein can have  anywhere from 3 to 12 grams of carbohydrates per scoop. Because egg white protein naturally tastes good, very little needs to be done to flavor and sweeten it, and, whatever that is, it's usually all-natural and low carb. Gaspari proven egg contains just 1 gram of carbohydrate per scoop and has a taste and texture like the most sinful milk shake.  So, when you’re considering buying a protein powder, take a look at the  ingredients listed. If its a long, hard to pronounce list, you're probably looking at something less natural and containing more carbs. If you're following a keto or paleo diet, this could be a concern. Gaspari proven egg protein is one of the most keto and paleo friendly protein supplements on the market.


From where do the eggs come?

Sourcing is a big point the whey protein marketers like to impart. They like to promote the fact that the milk used to make the whey comes from cows that are exclusively farmed in the mountains of some obscure country where the regulations regarding their upbringing is more highly regulated than in the US, or because the mountain air makes the milk taste better, or that the cows are free range or grass fed, etc. Each one of these claims comes with its own FDA loop hole. For instance, “grass fed” does not mean that the cows exclusively eat grass. Technically, the cow only had to eat grass once in its life and boom – it's “grass fed.” same goes for “free range.” The cow could spend 23 hours and 45 minutes a day in a pen and go take a walk in field for 15 minutes and it's legally okay to say the cow is “free range.” But, does a cow that has been grass fed, grain, fed, free ranged, or from Turkey have any bearing on the quality and taste of the whey? Not one single bit! Any of the benefits in the life the cow may enjoy will be noted in the cheese made from the milk solids separated from the whey. Remember, whey is bitter and tastes horrible. There is no good taste or texture in whey that comes from where the cows live or what they eat. Any such virtues extolled by supplement manufacturers is all hype. Something we call “label stuffing.” The egg whites used to make Gaspari proven whey are just plain, old school, chickens. Of course these chickens are from quality farms that don't use hormones, chemical feeds, GMO products or are exposed to pesticides, but other than that, they're just chickens. No hype, no label stuffing, just pure egg white protein.



At the end of the day......

While a high-quality, great tasting hydrolyzed whey is hard to beat, The pure egg white protein in Gaspari Proven egg has it's place at the champion's table, particularly if said champion is following a ketogenic or paleo diet. Gaspari Proven egg is 100% pure egg white protein. That means every scoop is almost pure protein, with:

Less than 1 gram of carbohydrates

Zero fat.

It is sweetened and flavored with only minimal natural flavors and sweeteners

The taste is almost illegal

It mixes easily with no lumps – even in a shaker cup!

No GMOs, hormones, artificial coloring, useless fillers or other crap

Paleo and keto friendly

1 scoop = 7 egg whites


So, if you're in the market for an incredible tasting, all-natural, low calorie, paleo and keto friendly alternative to whey protein, thats more economical and that might possibly be a better choice for building and repairing muscle while at rest, then you should probably take a lesson from the old school and get yourself a tub of mind bending chocolate or salted caramel flavor Proven Egg Protein right now!

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