Common Mistakes Women Make In The Gym

Though not everyone takes part in exercising, almost everyone appreciates the idea of fitness. For those that do, the goal is getting the mind and body to both a healthy and a fit state. Achieving this requires consistency and, therefore, routine workouts are necessary. Men are usually very focused in this regard, and statistics show that they have been for years. In the earlier days, however, women were less likely to take on such challenges. Today, this is not the case as low fitness levels have been linked to a variety of health problems. As a result, many people are now heading to the gym to avoid these as much as possible.

A lot of women are under the impression that working out at the gym guarantees them the results they want in only a few days. Others spend numerous days at the gym and still do not see the results that they want. If you happen to be one who gives it your all and you are not getting the expected results, it may be the time to evaluate your workout regime. Below is a look at some of the most ignored mistakes that you may be making at the gym.

Not Using Enough Weight

It is not unusual to see females in the gym picking up the lightest weights that they can get their hands on. Genetically, women are known to have less capacity than men. This is because women go through 30% less muscular development after puberty than men do. However, this does not mean that you need to dial it back in terms of the amount of weight you use for your workout. Try starting with a weight that you think tests the limits of your capabilities. Going this route is how you increase your work capacity in the gym. Doing so also helps you to achieve your desired results sooner.

Workout Imbalance

This is probably the most common mistake of all that women make in the gym. Everyone has “problem areas” of their bodies. These areas tend to store the greatest amount of fat, and they seem like the hardest areas to rid of said fat. Many women attempt to spot reduce this fat by doing exercises that focus on the areas. There are two issues with this. The first is that body fat cannot be spot reduced. Once you are burning fat, it gradually leaves all areas of your body. The second is that women dedicate a lot of their gym time to repeatedly attempting to focus on these areas. This creates a muscular imbalance as some muscles are being trained, and others are not. This is a recipe for an imbalanced physique, and it can also lead to injuries.

Improper Form

Only a few women go to the gym for the sake of just working out. Chances are there is some other motive at play. Whether this is the case or not, many women tend to put a lot of focus on the workout that they are doing, but they ignore the method. While getting your workout in is amazing, you need to pay attention to your form as well. Try to concentrate during each rep to ensure that the form you are using is the recommended one for the exercise. There are two major benefits to doing exercises in the way they were meant to be performed. First, proper form reduces your risk for injury as your muscles are moving in a safe manner. Second, the best results come when exercises are being properly performed.

Workout Tunnel Vision

As working out can be a bit tiring and strenuous, women tend to want to get as comfortable as is possible when they are working out. This leads to getting settled into a workout routine. This means that every time these women workout, the same set of exercises are used. You need to vary your training program, so your muscles are kept guessing and get to work hard. Implementing both strength training and cardio so you can promote a healthy metabolism and burn fat. By combining both workout forms, you are very likely to achieve the results you desire.

No Post Workout Fuel

Nutrition is a very important part of any fitness journey. After a workout, it is very common to see men having a protein shake or other protein drink. When you work out properly, you are breaking down muscles. They rebuild and get stronger when this is done. However, there needs to be adequate protein in your body for this. Just like the men, you should pay attention to this area for the best results.

No Warmup or Cool Down

A high heart rate is ideal for getting the best workouts possible. This is because the heart pumps oxygen via blood to the muscles at a faster rate than it would in a resting heartbeat. Ensure you perform an adequate warmup before taking on a workout. When a workout is complete, it is important to allow your muscles to relax as it contributes to your recovery process.

Getting Tired of the Process

The drive that some women have to workout seems to fade with the passage of time. This leads to actions such as skipping workouts or reducing workout intensity. You need to find something that keeps you motivated, so you never drop your intensity.

Losing Sight of Your Goals

When you are on a journey to a fitter and healthier existence, there are many things that detract from this while you are working out. During your exercising, things like a television in the gym or your cell phone can distract you. While it isn’t a crime to use these things or talk to persons in the gym, without adequate control, you end up wasting time. This is even worse when you end up losing sight of your goals as a result.

Are you making any of these mistakes? Hopefully, you were able to identify them to work on them. For more informative workout articles, be sure to follow our Facebook page, so you never miss a post!

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