Women’s Fitness: What Supplements Should I take?

In a world where humans potentially share more than 50% of their DNA with bananas, do we really need to consider the differences in supplementation between men and women? Most of the time, the dissimilarities between men and women can be ignored, especially when it comes to shampoo and sex-based anatomy, but it terms of nutrition? That’s where it is safe to say that women do require a few things men don’t. If you find yourself wondering what kind of supplements you should be taking, as well as why women had certain needs, all those questions and more will be answered here.

Why Are There Supplements Just For Women?

First, let’s talk cover the reasons why women have different supplementation needs than men. While most supplements out there aren’t targeting either gender specifically, the ones that may affect the hormones and specific organs do, indeed, affect biological men and women in various ways. Men need to primarily think about muscle and their testosterone. Women, on the other hand, require supplements for bones and babies (even if you don’t plan on having one). Just like women need more fat on their bodies than men do, women also need their female hormones to stay balanced and keep their bone density optimized.

Therefore, you look for supplements that provide the ideal ratio of vitamins, macro- and micro-nutrients to keep your metabolism humming and body healthy.

Women’s Protein Powder

Protein is the foundation of sound nutrition for the active woman. Without protein, you miss the essential amino acids that build your muscles. There are a variety of protein sources out there including whey, pea, soy, egg, casein, and more. Whatever you choose, make sure you are getting about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to nourish yourself right. One example of a wholesome protein powder is Myofusion by Gaspari Nutrition. The calories per serving a low and the nutritional profile combines superior quality protein with digestive enzymes for better absorption. Drink it as a meal replacement and at least 30-60 minutes within your training time to get those gains.

Pre-Workout Supplements For Women

After a long day of work, taking care of the house, kids, pets, and other responsibilities, how do you find the energy you need to power through a workout? Easy, with pre-workout supplements like the ones below:

  • Creatine – Similar to amino acids in chemical makeup, creatine naturally occurs in muscle tissue. Since the basic function is adding the muscles in creating burst energy, you can use it to promote a more successful workout.
  • L-Citrulline – In the body, the nonessential amino acid L-citrulline transforms into L-arginine and nitric oxide, helping boost blood flow and enhancing the immune system.
  • Beta-Alanine – Ideal for both pre-workout and post-workout supplementation, beta-alanine helps promote increased muscle size, endurance, and strength. Gaspari Nutrition’s Super Pump contains Beta-Alanine and a full spectrum of ingredients so you can crush your workout.

Post-Workout Supplements For Women

If you have been crushing your workout but find you’re not recovering as fast as you want to, then it’s time to start adding post-workout supplements to your diet. Right after a workout, it is important to refuel your body with slow digesting proteins and BCAAs (branch chain amino acids), as well as some carbohydrates to increase glucose and bring glycogen back to an optimal level. One product that gives you the full amino acid profile is Hyper Amino.

BCAAs For WomenBCAAs For Women

Not all post-workout supplements are created equal. While you might think that whey protein shake after your session at the gym is going to get you lean, it’s not going to work as well as BCAAs. Supplementing with BCAAs like leucine have been proven to develop sleek and strong muscle and relieve delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Gaspari Nutrition BCAA 6000 amino acid tablets are a great way to get the BCAAs you need, including the all-mighty leucine, without packing in extra calories or yet another shake.

Women’s Fat Burners

Unfortunately, ladies deal with more stubborn fat than their male gym mates. In order to whittle the fat away from your waistline, you need to enlist the aid of powerful thermogenics, also known as fat burners, to ignite the flames of your metabolism. The best part is that most fat burners also increase concentration and energy. Here are a few recommended supplements:

  • Capsaicin – All natural and potent, capsaicin is what gives peppers their kick and boosts metabolism.
  • Caffeine – Consuming moderate amounts of caffeine has been proven to increase metabolism and raise your focus.
  • Green Coffee Extract – Because this extract is taken from unroasted coffee beans, you are getting a high amount of chlorogenic acid, which has been found in multiple studies to reduce overall body weight. Green coffee extract also inhibits the digestion of carbs, helping improve blood glucose levels.

Women’s Multivitamins

Long workouts and missed meals can put a damper on your body. Without vitamins and minerals, your brain, nervous system, digestive system, and more will start to show weakness, and you might wind up sick or injured. Women need a specific amount of nutrients in order to remain healthy and fit (and prevent the onset of the female athletic triad and osteoporosis). Our recommendation is Anavite Powder by Gaspari Nutrition, a unique multivitamin powder that even is used as a pre-workout supplement. The formula contains all the must-haves for female nutrition, including the full spectrum of vitamins like A, C, B, and D, calcium, folate, potassium, magnesium, and biotin.

In conclusion, women can take many of the supplements when working out that men can, including protein powder, creatine, and BCAAs. These supplements enhance your overall gains, help burn fat and optimize your health and longevity.

Don’t forget to check out our online store for a great variety of women’s supplements.

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