What Is Whey Protein Isolate?

People who are athletic, involved in sports or enjoy working out at the gym need to ensure that their body gets the proper nutrients needed for healthy building of muscle mass. Protein is essential in the muscle building process, and more fitness experts and nutritionists recommend getting this protein with whey protein.

What Exactly Is Whey Protein?

Protein rich foods include meats, seafoods, nuts, some dark green vegetables, chickpeas, lentils, certain seeds, milk and other dairy products like cheese and yogurt among others. Many wonder what whey protein is and where it comes from.

Whey is that liquid portion of milk that tends to separate when making cheese. This substance is packed full of nutritious proteins.

Many fitness buffs are unaware that milk actually contains two types of healthy proteins termed casein at 80% and whey at 20%. Whey is derived from that watery skim that forms during the transformation of milk to cheese products.

Whey is actually a byproduct from cheese production, and until recently whey was often thrown out.

Science and fitness experts have discovered the vast benefits of using healthier whey proteins rather than ingesting the extra fat content typically found in protein rich food sources.

Whey protein gleaned from making cheese undergoes some common and complex processing steps that eventually ends with a super concentrated protein powder.

These whey protein powders are found in many health food supplements and energy bars, and the powdered whey protein can be mixed into milk, other beverages or blended into a milkshake or breakfast smoothie. Many athletes like this convenient and easy method of ingesting healthy protein fast before or after a workout session.

Are There Different Types of Whey Protein?

There are three different types of whey proteins available. These protein types of whey are labeled concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate.

While muscle building proteins are present in all three whey types, there are some differences between these protein forms that individuals should consider.

Differences Between Whey Protein Isolate, Concentrate & Hydrolysate

Even though each type of whey protein does contain more of the better kinds of proteins desired in fat reduction, weight loss and the building and strengthening of muscles, there are some differences that should be reviewed.

Basically, these three types of whey protein are classified by the amount of processing that each goes through that results in slightly different concentrations.


Concentrate whey protein: is made up of approximately 70% to 80% protein. This protein option is usually the better tasting due to it containing a bit of fat and some of the flavor boosting milk sugar called lactose.

Isolate Whey Protein

This kind of whey contains a lower fat and lactose content. It does contain up to 90% pure protein however. Additionally, there might be some loss of the essential nutrients depending on the processing format.

Most fitness trainers prefer whey protein isolate for it’s fast action and easy-to-digest protein punch ideal for weightlifters, bodybuilders and intense fitness enthusiasts.

Hydrolysate Whey Protein

This protein form has already been through a more refined pre-digestion process making it much faster in protein absorption than the other whey types. Users should be aware that this when protein can cause an insulin spike anywhere from 28% to just over 40% higher than proteins contained in an isolate formula.

How Whey Protein Isolate Aids Muscle Building

Again, fitness experts typically recommend the use of top-quality whey protein isolate to aid in both muscle strengthening and to enhance overall muscle mass growth and increasing tone.

Protein contained in whey protein isolate supplements help increase muscle mass as all muscle relies on these important fundamental building blocks of amino acids and proteins.

This whey type also has the highest concentration of another important amino acid known as leucine. This leucine stimulates natural muscle based protein synthesis which takes place at the most basic genetic and molecular level.

Another important benefit of whey protein isolate in muscle growth involves an increased release of anabolic hormones known to jump start muscle building action.

Probably the most beneficial result of relying on whey protein isolate is due to its ability to be rapidly absorbed more so than other proteins.

Health Benefits of Whey Protein Isolate

There are many other terrific health benefits of whey protein isolate that everyone concerned about their health should learn. One of the more well known health benefits of this protein source is that it can promote better and faster weight loss of fat deposits when combined with exercise.

What many might not realize is that whey protein in an isolate form is considered a satiating macronutrient. This is because these proteins tend to make the individual feel fuller for a longer period of time. That alone often spurs the person to eat far less high caloric foods throughout the day.

Whey protein isolate seems to stimulate the body’s energy expenditure process. Most users of this supplemental protein feel more energy, have more stamina and develop more lean muscle mass while losing fat content.

Some additional health and beneficial nutrient benefits related to whey protein includes possible lowered blood sugar and blood pressure levels, reduction of stress and emotional issues, could increase bone density, might protect against certain cancers, can lesson symptoms of hepatitis and HIV by boosting the body’s natural immune function so important in healing.

There continues to be more evidence that whey protein isolate can help individuals maintain or increase their lean muscle mass. This protein source can be found in several easy-to-use supplements like Myofusion by Gaspari. Take time to investigate this advanced whey protein source by visiting https://gasparinutrition.com/product/myofusion anytime online or follow us on Facebook.

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