Hunt For Hardcore: Episode 7

This week’s episode of Hunt For Hardcore is the most insane one yet. It’s definitely one of the loudest. Rich Gaspari teams up with IFBB pro Berry de Mey and visits Diamond Gym in Maplewood, New Jersey, to see if it lives up to the hardcore mantra.  To that end, Berry and Rich, with the help of NDO Champ (Rob), go through one of the most epic workouts of the series, followed by an in-depth tour from gym owner Dwayne McDaniel. You’ll see some of the best old school equipment, a very motivating bodybuilding atmosphere, and Rob causing all kinds of chaos that helps get the job done in a big way!

Diamond gym is one of the most famous gyms on the east coast. But, it wasn’t your home gym?

RG: “It was kind of far for me back then, so this wasn’t my gym when I was coming up. But, when I turned pro I trained here. It was known all over the east coast back in the day, if you wanted a hardcore workout, you came to here to Dimond gym. The energy in this gym was unbelievable.”

A lot of screaming going on in this vid.

RG: Laughs… “Yes, Rob gets nuts in there. But that’s what was always so cool about training here. The intensity. Someone was always taking it up a notch. That’s what Rob does, he’s making his own hardcore.”

Berry looks good….

RG: “Yes! He trained for this trip! He really did. He got in shape to come see me (laughs). He does look good though. Incredible at any age.”

And that drab paneling? The worn equipment? It looks like a time capsule in there. Was it like you remembered it?

RG: “I’ll tell you, I’ve been all over the country for this series. We’ve experienced some really hardcore places – the best of the best with the best equipment. But, now that I’m back here in my home state of New Jersey, at Diamond gym – where I first trained as a pro – I feel it. I know hardcore is an attitude and you have to bring that to the gym yourself, but this place breeds it. It’s like it somehow gathers up all the hardcore attitudes that walk through the door and concentrates them in the gym. There’s no doubt you’ll put 10 pounds on your bench just waling through the door.”

So, a successful hunt?

RG: “Absolutely! This place draws pros from all over. There’s a reason for it. This place is HARDCORE.”

Diamond Gym
732 Irvington Ave
Maplewood, NJ 07040

Phone: (973) 762-0828

Email: Email Us


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