How to Get Rid of Love Handles

Individuals are often acutely embarrassed by the stubborn fat bulges located firmly on their waist and side regions; however, it takes time and hard work to slim down this problem area. There doesn’t seem to be any “love handle” or “muffin top” magic cures or quick fixes, much to the dismay of anyone trying to get rid of them. Don’t lose hope, though; there are steps you can take to rid yourself of love handles for good. Take a few minutes to learn the latest exercise advice by top fitness experts on how to finally make that muffin top disappear.

Resolve to Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

In this age of instant gratification and access to information, individuals also seem to want immediate fitness results without putting in the time or necessary effort.

Unfortunately, getting rid of body fat that tends to occur in the midsection area won’t happen without resolving to make healthy lifestyle changes first.

These changes include committing to a regular and effective exercise regimen, getting the proper amount of rest and incorporating healthy food choices into your daily diet plan. Fitness experts point out that living healthy lifestyles is the one sure way to eliminate those telltale love handles that undermine your fitness goals.

Skip Hard-to-Do Abdominal Crunches

In the past, fitness trainers recommended difficult abdominal and side crunches to target midsection fat pockets, such as love handles. Today, those exercise gurus now say to skip these moves or modify them for faster and more effective muscle toning.

Incorporate Fuller Whole-Body Stretches & Moves

While focusing most of your exercise efforts on your most frustrating problem areas like muffin tops or love handles might be mighty tempting, it’s better to reach out and stretch your entire body instead.

Incorporate fuller and whole-body movements that target a greater range of muscle groups at the same time for better long term fitness results.

Some Terrific Full-Body Moves for a Trimmer Physique

Be sure to begin any exercise routine with slow and controlled stretches to prime your body for the upcoming stress. Fitness experts claim that many injuries due to intense exercise can are preventable with some common-sense measures like always warming up and cooling down before and after any chosen physical activity.

Some stretches to consider:

  • Slow neck & shoulder rolls
  • Stretching towards the sky
  • Side to side stretches
  • Use good body posture
  • Arm circles
  • Leg circles
  • Hip rolls
  • Back strengthening stretches
  • Lower body toning moves

Read on for some of our best exercises to bust fat and tone love handles.

Walk the Plank! Best All-Around Waist Whittler

Plank exercises elongate the body, forming elegant lines. It takes some concentration and effort to control each perfect pose for even greater fat and calorie burn. This movement is designed to be the opposite of stomach-focusing crunches that tend to shorten your whole body.

To perform this correctly, take your time and hold your position. These moves are fantastic for building body and muscle strength while also increasing stamina and endurance.

Once you’ve mastered the move, change it up with these additional strategies to turn up the burn.

  1. Rotate legs and extend each side out in a broad sweep while keeping your core torso still and straight.
  2. Do some baby bend moves by alternately bending each knee during the motion.
  3. Pick up your butt towards the ceiling keeping your body line straight in a slow and controlled stretch. Hold a minute, then return to starting position.

Tip: Increase the effect and slide easier by placing hand-towels beneath your feet/toes or using an appropriate pair of gliders. Your goal is to create a perfect letter A type of position. The towel, or gliders, help you slide your feet/legs into place and back to start again.

4. Perform side planks by carefully rotating your body from the center position outward into the side plank move.

Hip Rollers & Lunges for Side Oblique Toning

Add some simple hip rollers, slow and controlled lunges, and workout your side obliques using moves that will tone the muscles and melt visceral fat first, and then those telltale love handle fat pockets later on. Keep this spot training short and focus on control during the moves.

Controlled Squats

Like the above moves, squats can target those backside butt muscles and upper thigh and hip areas for even greater impact on any stubborn waist/hip area fat stores.

Do Some Spot Training by Revised Scrunches

Many people love to do their beloved scrunches. Just keep these in moderation, and utilize full-body moves for results that last.

Perform Compound Exercises When Possible

The idea with the current focus on shorter and more intense exercise sets with variable rest intervals is to trick your body into keeping its metabolism level high for longer blocks of time. This is what will burn away those midsection fat bulges, including love handles.

To maximize your exercise routine potential, perform compound exercises whenever possible. You do this by combining actions that workout more than one group of muscles at the same time.

Some examples include:

  • Use a resistance band when working on floor exercises. Place around legs or arms, then roll upwards and back.
  • Add hand-held weights for extra intensity with moves like squats, lunges, arm circles, and so on. Use ankle weights when walking, kicking, or when doing leg workouts.
  • Do additional moves that branch off from the first. Perform rotations while lunging to the side or stretching the upper body out.

Get Into a Pool or Water Source

Consider getting in a pool for natural resistance that doesn’t harm vulnerable joints and muscles. Swimming or exercising in water is excellent for those with knee or back problems, those who are obese, for beginners, and just about anyone else young or old.

Do More Cardio Workouts to Eliminate Love Handle Fat

Additionally, it’s better to include aerobic exercise moves designed to workout a greater number of muscles at the same time to bust belly and midsection fat rolls, including those persistent love handles.

So, go ahead and work your entire body if possible, using shorter and more intense muscle targeting repetitions to initiate a greater and longer calorie and fat burn effect.

Say No to Added Sugar

Keep your slimmer physique by saying no to foods and beverages that contain added refined sugar. Remember that fruits also contain a form of sugar, although it is naturally occurring, and this sugar still should be kept in moderation when trying to lose or maintain weight. Always read the labels, because many foods contain, not only high sugar content, but other unwanted additives like salt, preservatives, and artificial flavors.

Switch Refined Carbs to Healthier Complex Ones

When embarking on a vigorous exercise and weight loss program, don’t avoid all carbs. They are what the body breaks down for instant fuel. Instead, make the switch from traditional refined carbs, like white bread, chips, or pasta dishes, to more complex ones, such as sweet potatoes, for a healthier overall diet plan that keeps energy stores sufficient for workouts.

Pay Attention to Food Portion Size

Learn and pay attention to food portion sizes during every meal and snack time too. In western cultures, our usual food proportions are simply huge and often unhealthy at fast food establishments and many restaurants.

Stay Hydrated

Remember to stay well hydrated throughout the day. Plain water is best, but if you need a bit of taste, add fresh fruit slices to flavor naturally instead of store-bought versions that are usually full of sugars and carbonation additives.

Avoid alcohol, too much caffeine, sodas, and too many fruit juices. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks actually can cause dehydration.

Strive to Choose Foods with Healthy Fats

It is important to note that some fats are necessary for your diet to keep you in good health. Strive to choose foods that contain healthier fats.

Don’t Forget the Protein

While red and fatty meats should be avoided or eaten in moderation, the human body is made to need protein to keep healthy and fit. Choose lean meats like chicken and some types of fish, and get most of your protein from healthier sources like beans, lentils, certain vegetables, and raw, low-fat nuts or peanut butter.

Get Up & Get Moving Throughout the Day

It is essential to schedule in time for a proper workout routine several times throughout the week, but sometimes people just don’t have extra time to spare. To slim down and shape up, get up and get moving throughout your normal day.

Here are some terrific get moving ideas:

  • Jump rope
  • Turn on music and dance or jam
  • Take 5 minutes to do some easy exercise sets
  • Stand while watching TV or use a resistance band around legs for strength building
  • Do hip circles or glute tightening when standing in line
  • Have fun with kids and pets
  • Watch a comedy and laugh hard and long

Consider Trying a Short & Intense HIIT Workout

The new kid on the workout exercise block is HIIT workouts. These can be found in gyms and fitness centers offering classes, or they can be found on online videos or an exercise television station.

The goal of HIIT workouts is keeping repetitions shorter in time length and alternating very intense reps with moderate ones and staggering timed rest intervals. This method has been shown to be highly effective for overall fat and weight loss as it burns more calories than traditional exercise routines.

Eat Fresh Whole Foods Whenever Possible

Whenever possible, buy fresh and whole foods, preferably from a local farm or produce establishment. Whole and naturally fresh foods are far better for health and provide way more needed nutrients. Avoid fast food, prepared snacks and foods, and junk items.

Learn & Practice Mindfulness for Stress Relief & Eating

Stress can increase the body’s cortisol levels. This can, in turn, cause serious health problems, including changes in blood sugar levels, higher blood pressure, decreased mental focus, and other concerns. To deal with stress, consider learning and practicing mindfulness to calm your soul and relax your body. Mindfulness eating can lower food cravings and overeating.

Ensure Enough Workout Recovery Time & Increase Sleep

It is vital to get enough restful and rejuvenating sleep every night. Also, ensure that your body has sufficient recovery time after and in between workout sessions.

Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

When individuals choose healthy lifestyles, they have more success in staying fit, healthy, and happy. Learn more about weight loss goals, diet, and exercise by following us on Facebook and reading our blog posts.

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