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Spider Curls

Rich Gaspari and Mr Olympia competitor Zeek show the disciplined way to do Spider Curls. Rich shows how to slowly move the weight to avoid swinging. To finish off your bicep workouts, Spider Curls are a great way to really peak the muscles.

Side Laterals

In this video, Rich Gaspari demonstrates the improper AND proper way to do a side lateral with dumbbells. Make sure to stay tuned for the rest of the videos in this series!

Forgotten Pullover Exercise

Rich Gaspari reminds us all of how effective a good, old-fashioned dumbbell pullover can be!By leaning down on a bench and utilizing a dumbbell instead of the newer machine, you are hitting different parts of your lats in an intense way, Let us know in the comments when the last time you did this technique was!

Leg Training on a Seated Leg Press

Rich Gaspari explains how foot placement is vital in how you want to attack your legs on a seated leg press machine.Placing your legs close together, further apart, higher, or lower on the machine can drastically change which parts of your legs are affected by the movements and how hard it hits them.Follow along for more tips in Old School Training Techniques!

Pre Exhaustion in a Shoulder Workout

Pre Exhaustion is a term that can trick people up, but in this segment of Old School Training Techniques, Rich Gaspari explains exactly what Pre Exhaustion means, as well as how to implement it into your next workout.In this example, he shows how to combine two exercises for the shoulders into a pre exhaustion maneuver to hit the shoulders even harder!

Leg Press

Rich Gaspari and Aliona show the classic Leg Press but with a twist to get different results. Based on where you position your feet will determine what parts of your legs the exercise is hitting.Which is your favorite feet positioning for this exercise?

Knee Squats

Rich Gaspari and #TeamGaspari Elite Athlete Aliona show us a twist on a classic piece of equipment. Everyone knows and loves the squat rack, but Rich shows here a different way to use it to isolate the glute musclesGive it a try in your next workout and see the difference!

Dumbbell Upright Rows Supersetted with Front Raises

Rich Gaspari and Mr Olympia competitor Zeek Andrews demonstrate a great set of exercises to help build up the delts.Supersetting Dumbbell Upright Rows with Front Raises is a great way to add size and strength to the delt muscles.

Cable Kick Backs

Rich Gaspari and Aliona demonstrate how to use a cable machine to help isolate the glute muscles in this exercise. By using a cable machine set to the lowest point, you can attach the cable to your ankle and help isolate the glute muscles for each leg individually. Try it out for yourself and feel the difference!

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