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Dumbbell Upright Rows Supersetted with Front Raises

Rich Gaspari and Mr Olympia competitor Zeek Andrews demonstrate a great set of exercises to help build up the delts.Supersetting Dumbbell Upright Rows with Front Raises is a great way to add size and strength to the delt muscles.

Cable Kick Backs

Rich Gaspari and Aliona demonstrate how to use a cable machine to help isolate the glute muscles in this exercise. By using a cable machine set to the lowest point, you can attach the cable to your ankle and help isolate the glute muscles for each leg individually. Try it out for yourself and feel the difference!

Chest Drop Sets

Rich Gaspari explains here the fundamentals of a drop set and how they can be incredibly beneficial to your workouts to reach maximum tension in the muscles. He demonstrates with #TeamGaspari athlete Oswaldo how the pace of a drop set is very important, while showcasing a quick chest workout

Calves High Reps with Drop Sets

Rich Gaspari shows here how to conduct your calf exercises to maximize your gains.On something like your calves, since they are used in everyday life, working them out requires more of the higher rep, lower intensity method. Rich demonstrates with #TeamGaspari athlete Oswaldo how to slowly perform a calf exercise, while also doing a drop set immediately following the first set.This will help build your calf muscles, by focusing and squeezing at the top of each rep.

Back Thickness and Definition from a Pull Down

Achieving definition and fullness can be difficult to achieve, even for accomplished weight lifters. Here, Rich Gaspari shares a secret on a slight variation to a popular exercise to help achieve that definition and fullness in your back. By stopping the bar higher, and pausing there, you help give your back the fullness you're looking for!Make sure to give this exercise a try and tell us how you noticed the difference!

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