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Arnold Press

Rich Gaspari and #TeamGaspari Elite Athlete Zeek Andrews demonstrate the proper way to do the Arnold Press, made famous by legendary bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger.Try it out for yourself and see how combining old school techniques will improve your workouts.

Two Arm Dumbbell Row for Thickness

Rich Gaspari shares in this segment of Old School Training Techniques how a two armed dumbbell row can be used to increase the thickness in your back and arms.Moving slowly through a workout is incredibly beneficial and helps you maximize the energy you put into every workout. Rich demonstrates here the proper way to do a two armed dumbbell row for increasing your thickness. When combined with our other training techniques, prepare to see the difference!

3 Parts of the Triceps Old School Training Techniques

In this segment of Old School Training Techniques, Rich Gaspari explains the three unique parts of the triceps, along with how to train each individual partCombining these exercises into your triceps days will help build every part of your triceps, to make sure all three parts are as strong as possible!

T-Bar Rows

Rich Gaspari and #TeamGaspari Elite Athlete Zeek demonstrate an old school training technique, the T-Bar Row.By hunching over and pull the bar up to the chest, this exercise opens up your back and allows you to put on much more size in the upper back area.See how many plates you can stack on and try it for yourself!

Sumo Squats

Rich Gaspari shows a classic old school training technique with a new school addition.Goblet squats while spreading the feet out is a great way to work out those glute muscles, and adding a band makes it even tougher.Try it out for yourself and feel how the band adds more tension to the exercise.

Top Dead Lift

Rich Gaspari demonstrates with Mr Olympia competitor Zeek Andrews a Top Dead Lift. This dead lift is different than a full dead lift because you dont have to go all the way to the ground. With this exercise, by squeezing at the top, you can really build up the thickness of the upper back area.

Super Sets with Biceps & Triceps

Rich Gaspari explains the benefits to combining exercises into your workout to maximize your gains. Here he explains that alternating between triceps into biceps workouts uses the Push/Pull method to get the most out of your arms and help them grow!Follow along for more Old School Training Techniques

Reverse Curl

By changing hand positioning on the bar, you can get different results as demonstrated by bodybuilding legend Rich Gaspari and Mr Olympia competitor Zeek Andrews.Try it out for yourself on your next bicep day and see the results!

Spider Curls

Rich Gaspari and Mr Olympia competitor Zeek show the disciplined way to do Spider Curls. Rich shows how to slowly move the weight to avoid swinging. To finish off your bicep workouts, Spider Curls are a great way to really peak the muscles.

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