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Which Nitric Oxide Supplement is Best for Quick Gains?

You probably already know that if you want the biggest possible pump, a nitric oxide (N.O.) supplement is always your best bet. What you may not already know however is that not all nitric oxide products produce equal effects. Just like with all supplements, there are good and bad ones available on the market today, however the nitric oxide category as a whole is suffering from a major issue that almost no one is discussing in the supplement industry. It’s an issue that is robbing users of gains and causing people to waste literal millions of dollars every year. No, this specific problem isn’t the usual under-dosing of active ingredients (although that happens far too often as well!), but it’s the fact that almost every single nitric oxide problem is formulated wrong.You may be asking “How can an entire industry be making a whole category of products incorrectly? This is nonsense”, and while that’d make sense on the surface the fact is that it’s the truth. Don’t believe us? Read on below to see why you need to stop falling for the same tricks and start using a TRUE nitric oxide booster.

The claim above is a huge one, and we get that. But the problem with the current crop of nitric oxide products is that they only boost nitric oxide. Doesn’t sound like an issue, but it’s the reason why millions of people aren’t experiencing the sleeve bursting pumps so many companies claim to be able to provide. The truth behind this unspoken reality is that nitric oxide is only half the battle, and the REAL pumps reside in blocking a natural enzyme in our body that actively works to destroy nitric oxide. This pesky and unwanted gains killer is known as the Arginase enzyme. It works by robbing your body of the necessary precursors to nitric oxide such as L-Arginine and converts them into waste products. What this means is that when you take a nitric oxide themed product that ONLY boosts nitric oxide, your body is able to keep up with it every step of the way, and no matter how high it initially raises your N.O., those levels will return to baseline very quickly. The result is a short burst of “pumps” followed by no actual benefits like increased muscle mass or strength.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this means the ONLY way to reap the benefits of a true N.O. boost is by finding a way to prevent your body from using the Arginase enzyme to limit N.O. levels! Some companies have claimed to be able to do this via an ingredient known as L-Norvaline, however recent studies have shown this compound to be completely ineffective in healthy humans unless you suffer from Arginase deficiency! This leaves healthy gym-goers with no options to truly experiencing the gains that nitric oxide can deliver!

Until now.

A new product has emerged that combines both potent nitric oxide booster along with true Arginase inhibitors, allowing people to not only boost their N.O. levels to incredible heights, but to actually keep them elevated long enough to see BIG GAINS. It guarantees every single user these results thanks to the use of two clinically proven Arginase inhibitors which are known as N(omega)-hydroxy-nor-L-arginine (not to be confused with traditional and wildly outdated L-Arginine) along with Boron amino acid chelate. A recent study is even quoted as showing up to a 30-40% decrease in Arginase levels with only the use of one of these compounds (1). This never before seen combination has been subjected to intense testing (in both clinical and real world settings), and the results are CLEAR. Users are experiencing the craziest and most powerful pumps they’ve ever felt, and they’re finally seeing the gains that have been promised to them for so long! Gains like lean and dry added muscle mass, continual strength increases when they hit the gym, more explosive power, and a more defined physique.

The first complete and TRUE N.O. enhancer on the market is none other than PlasmaJet™. Unlike traditional N.O. products, PlasmaJet™ comes in an to take 4 capsule serving size, allowing it to be taken with you to the gym. Once you take your 4 pill serving, your body begins to break down the fast digesting capsules and the active ingredients began to be shuttled to your blood stream. Within only 15-20 minutes your Nitric Oxide levels begin to rise, causing intense vasodilation that can actually be seen in the size increase of your veins. As your N.O. levels continue to surge, your body is able to shuttle more blood, oxygen, and nutrients than ever before to your muscle cells, literally force feeding them everything they need in order to GROW.

Just as your body reaches the point where all other N.O. products begin to falter, PlasmaJet™ kicks into overdrive as it’s two powerful Arginase inhibitors act like heat seeking missiles, actively seek out the Arginase enzyme and inactivate it. Without the Arginase enzyme capable of eating away at your N.O. levels, they continue to rise allowing your pumps to continually get stronger and stronger regardless of how intense or how long your time in the gym lasts.

PlasmaJet™ doesn’t give up when you do however, these high levels of N.O. last long after you stop training, allowing your body to reap the benefits of quicker recovery time and better muscle repair. This means you’re able to get back into the gym at 100% instead of feeling sore and tired the next time you’re due to train.

If you’re looking to experience a REAL pump, see with your own eyes the vein popping vascularity that is possible, and finally get tangible and noticeable gains from your nitric oxide product, it means you’re ready to try PlasmaJet™. Try 4 capsules 15-45 minutes before your next trip to the gym, and you’ll be the very next success story that didn’t get duped by the rest of the supplement industry.



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