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Flex Lewis

Favorite Body part(s): I love to train all, that’s no lie but I love to train my weakest which is chest, its easy to get caught up and depressed when you don’t see change in a bodypart as fast as another so I use that to fuel my fire even more and love killing that bodypart instead of it getting me down and hating it.
Favorite Exercises: Leg Press, Hammer Strength Shoulder Press
Favorite Cheat food(s): Nothing crazy. Mainly Sushi
Favorite Movie(s): Mafia Movies (Casino- GoodFellers etc)
Favorite TV show: LOST
Favorite Actor(s): Robert Dinero & Al Pacino
Favorite Sport(s): Bodybuilding, Strongman & Rugby
Favorite Music to train to: Hard rock & Trance

Athlete Background

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Diet and Training

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Full Name: Flex Lewis

Place of Birth: Llanelli, Wales, UK

Date of Birth: Nov 15, 1983

Residence: Brentwood, TN

Contest weight: 192

Off-season weight: 220



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