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Today I had a really cool, unexpected experience during a chore I really dislike--grocery shopping. I won't bore you with all the reasons why grocery shopping isn't my favorite thing; suffice to say that I usually rush as fast as I can through the store with my head down to avoid all social contact and minimize my time shopping. That said, I've been working on being more present-focused so I can soak up more of what life offers--even during routine tasks like grocery shopping. Today was one of those days that life paid me back for paying attention.

While my groceries were being rung up, I decided to stop reading the check-out aisle magazines and engage with the people working hard to help me with my groceries. I smiled at the older gentleman bagging my groceries. He prompted responded with, "Are you getting ready for a competition?" Surprised that he would know what "competing" was, I asked him what gave it away.

"The copious amount of fish you are buying," he said with a chuckle.

He continued on to ask me about competing, and then explained that he has been following bodybuilding since he immigrated from Bermuda to Brooklyn in the 1950's. At 72 years-old, he still reads bodybuilding magazines, works out regularly and makes the trip to the Arnold and Olympia.

As we walked out to my car with the grocery cart packed full of groceries and 6 gallons of water, he showed me how he could pick up the cart with one arm. He proudly pointed out that he still had all of his own hair and teeth. We were both laughing and carrying on in the middle of the parking lot. It really made my day.

It was a great reminder that fitness creates bonds that cut across generations and that there is so much life to experience in our everyday routines. So, don't miss out on what it has to offer by rushing past it.

Until next time, keep pushing toward your best!

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Robert M from Louisville, KY
Hey Jaime: I am also a bodybuilder, but I am not quite 72 yet, I am only 66. I became an NPC competitive bodybuilder 2 yrs. ago at the age of 64. I will be entering my 4th contest at the end of April here in Louisville, KY. I am also a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. I train clients in my home gym. Glad to see you got to meet "one of us old guys". It truly is amazing how fitness transends the generation gap. I always ave people half my age asking me for advice. Bob Minshall
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