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Bring on 2013!

At the end of every December, I usually get a bad case of the post-holiday blues. I start just feeling a little pouty wishing for more festive fun times. I’m the neighbor that leaves the lights on the house a little too long and doesn’t discard of the Christmas tree until almost February.  Not this year.

While I had a wonderful holiday, I am so ready for 2013. I got rest. I had fun. I enjoyed lots of family time. Now, I am ready to welcome the New Year with open arms and get to work on new goals.

The Arnold

My focus for the first few months of the year is THE ARNOLD! I’m thrilled to have been invited to compete at the 2013 Bikini International for the third consecutive year. I don’t care how many shows you do or for how long you have been competing, it’s an absolute honor to be a part of this amazing celebration of the athlete.

I am currently about nine weeks out from the Bikini International, and my prep is starting to ramp up. I am really excited about this prep, as I’ve had enough time away from stage to feel it calling me back.  I am ready to amp up my training, increase the cardio and tighten up the diet. I love it when I feel so elated and enthused heading into a prep, as discipline comes easy and motivation is in ample supply. Love it.

The Best Thing I Did This Improvement Season

This off-season (or improvement season), I took a few weeks off from training completely to rest and recover from the season. It took a lot of discipline to not train, as I yearned for a good sweat. But, I stuck with it, as I needed to shake the constant exhaustion that had plagued me toward the end of the season. After a few weeks of rest, I started to finally feel awake. I mean really awake. I felt more focused, in the moment and vibrant. I didn’t really even realize just how “off” I was until I was finally “on” again.

Since my little respite, I’ve been much more appreciative of my workouts and the fit lifestyle. One of the key lessons for me heading into 2013 is to be a lot more protective of my time, so I don’t run myself ragged. Also, I will be sure to give my body enough time to rest each week, as that is the key for all of us to maximize our results from training and to feel at our best for ourselves and our loved ones. So, do yourself a favor and put 7-9 hours of sleep a night on your list of New Year's Resolutions--it'll help you facilitate all your other goals!

Until next time, keep pushing toward your best.

Jaime Baird

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