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3 Keys For Business Success

This past week was my South Florida Gaspari Nutrition Revolution Tour, and I had a blast! I loved chatting about fitness and the latest Gaspari innovations with so many of you! A huge thank you to those who came out to the events and to the stores for all the hospitality.

While on my tour, I met Juan Mestere--one of the owners and founding partners of the six Nutritional Power Centers located in greater Miami. He introduced me to his brand new location near the University of Miami (6220 S Dixie Hwy, Unit 10, Miami 33143), and between speaking with store guests, we chatted about his keys to business success. Here are a few of his secrets:

1. Only spend a fifth of the money you make--save the rest. You never know when there will be a rainy day or rainy year. Juan's saving strategy helped to keep his businesses afloat when the post-9/11 economy threatened the financial health of his stores.

2. Be persistent. On the way to your goals and dreams, you will definitely  face naysayers and obstacles--keep pushing anyway. Juan's college professor gave him a C on the business plan he wrote for his now very successful Nutritional Power Centers.  Juan, an otherwise A student,  allowed his professor's evaluation to fuel rather than frustrate him and proceeded to turn that business plan into a thriving and growing concept.

3. Diversify income sources. Juan recommends having diverse income sources, as this will help manage financial risk. He explains that he would rather earn $1,000 from five difference sources rather than $5000 from one source.  This way, you are not left without income if the economy negatively impacts your business.

I hope these tips help you! (I've already increased  the amount of money I'm putting into savings.)

Thanks to the Nutritional Power Centers, Fitness Depot, Supplement Warehouse, Extreme Nutrition and Pro Sports Nutrition for having me at your stores last week! Hope to be back soon!

Until next time – keep pushing toward your best!

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