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Health & Fitness Questions for you Girls!

LADIES, what do you like most about working out? What do you dislike about working out? What is your biggest challenge? What is your main goal that you are trying to achieve? What is the most difficult task with keeping a healthy diet? Do you like gyms? Or home work outs? Both? Do you dislike or like using weights? Do you like or dislike workout classes?

Would like to hear your thoughts

~Luv Prestin XO

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Michelle V from Boca Raton, FM
Hi, Laura The thing I enjoy about working out is the way I feel when Im done with my teainig and cardio for the day. I love working shoulders and arms, but I hate working on abs and glutes. Most likely because I get discouraged if results don't show fast enough. My biggest challenge has been my hamstrings and quads. It seems that I can work them hard and I have hired trainers who have helped builed my legs up, but they are still small in size. I hate working out at home, I prefer going to the gym and being motivated by others!! I like boot camps or spin type classes any other classes I think are too crowded. I enjoy the one on one or being alone so I can have me time!!
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