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Coconut Oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil help control blood sugar help improve insulin use within the body boost thyroid function, which increases metabolism, energy and endurance increase digestion absorb fat-soluble vitamins lowers cholesterol are medium chain triglycerides (MCTS) ~ breaking down MCT (healthy fats) in the liver lead to efficient burning energy long chain triglycerides (LCTS) ex. [...]

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Fat Cells

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Misconceptions about Weight Lifting for Females

Many people have the misconception that all female bodybuilders are muscle bound, growth hormone popping Amazons.  There are certainly a small handful of women who will fit into this category and they compete in the elite championships such as the Ms Olympia, however the vast majority of women who are involved in bodybuilding and better [...]

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Battle Bullying with Physical Fitness

Ladies and Gents, You may have noticed that the awareness of social media bullying is growing each day.  This brings to our attention not just online bullying, but to the bullying that goes on within our communities and school systems. In correlation to bullying, suicidal rates are much higher. This being said, I wanted to [...]

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