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My Free Meal Plan!

Hey guys check out my mailing list to download my free meal plan!!:) Love Always ~Prestin xo

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10 Ways to Keep Your Life In Order

Student life and running my own business kept me on the go 24/7.  Not only did my chaotic  life make it twice the effort to up keep my physical appearance (yes that takes work), but my internal health as well.  By no means am I complaining, as I am blessed with all of the opportunities and lifestyle choices available to me.  I [...]

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Fat vs. Muscle

Hey guys !!!! Great article on any misconceptions about muscle and fat:) Also a side note. Don’t always look at your scale! For example, I look my best when I am 128 lbs. I am 5’6 on average 120 lbs. When I stop working out for 2 weeks or so I usually drop to [...]

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Chicago Welcomes Miss Prestin

Regardless of your age, lifestyle or specific needs, it is my pleasure to help you look and feel your best. Dr. Islam Ibrahim and I will be doing your consultations and procedures at Essence Medspa & Wellness Centre in Chicago.

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Being Happy by Putting Yourself First

Stress can play a major role in affecting our health.  Our lives can become extremely hectic, leaving the most important person out of the equation, YOU.  We always believe that we should do things for others, and that is true to an extent.  But what about YOU? What have you done for yourself today? Or even [...]

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Signs of Sleep Disturbances

One thing that we tend to forget about that can affect our health is sleep. Listed below are some commons signs of sleep disturbances: -Difficulty falling asleep -Difficulty waking up in the morning -Waking up tired -Daytime drowsiness -Microsleeps or ‘ nodding off ‘ -Zoning out in conversation or task -Altered memory or judgment -Difficulty [...]

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