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Laura Prestin

Today, I will…

Today, I will train a little harder, I will eat a little healthier, I will study a little longer, I will walk my pet a little further, I will dress a little hotter, I will organize a little wiser, I will think a little clearer. What will you do today?

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Getting Down To Stay In Shape: Using sex to your advantage

While it may be hard to get yourself up and ready for the gym, in most cases it’s not difficult to get yourself up and excited for a little bit of sexercise! Yes I said it, sexercise… This is actually a termed used in fitness articles, and one of my published articles was on this [...]

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5 Tips to Stay Sexy at School

Hey guys and girls. My laptop broke so haven’t had a chance to blog last week. To all the students out there I wish you luck come this september. I know what it is like to try to balance getting good grades, eating well, social life, and getting your ass to the gym. Five tips [...]

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