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Winter in New York

Well, ever since I moved to New York 7 months ago, I have to say there has been a reoccurring sentiment that was inserted into most of my conversation with others about my move North.  And that was, "Get ready for those winters in NY!" Without fail, I stopped that person mid sentence as if the mere mention of WINTER.  I cut them off, and said I didn't even want to talk about it!

In case you haven't read my blogs before or know about a few "challenges" that I overcame that came along with moving here, one of the things in life that I do not like is being cold.  My feet are just cold, heck they are cold right now and I have shoes and socks on.  I refused to ever snow ski in the past, I said no thanks!  I'll see you when you get back.

I was born in the Mojave desert in California, and lived around the state for 20 years.  There was a break of about 4 years when I was very young and we lived in Tennessee.  But for the most part, and my very early childhood memories were all in a place that was blistering hot.  That dry heat where temperatures could reach 115 degrees in the shade.  The cement was so hot when walking around swimming pools you had to run or you would get blisters.  Water never felt as good as when you live in the desert.  But that is what I know and where life began for me.  About 11 years ago I decided to move to Florida to continue my education.  I had always heard people complain about the humidity.  It never bothered me, neither did the summers there.  The moisture in the air kept my skin soft and hydrated.  I mean, go inside if it's too hot.  People go inside when it's too cold, so it's all the same to me.  But that warm tropical air, and sleeveless nights was sheer heaven to me and my closet contained only tank tops.  So it was easy on the budget, when all you wear are tank tops.

For personal reasons (relationship) I moved up here.  At the time my thoughts  were not focused on the positive aspect of the move and there were a few challenges that needed to be dealt with.  Interestingly, when the mind starts down a path of negativity, it is like being sucked into a black bottomless pit of complaining with very little room to see the bigger picture.  I am happy to report that over the past few months I have been seeing the bigger picture, and with greater awareness I have found my way to being very grateful.  Every day.  This isn't some random shift, there has been a lot of new interests I have that have helped me see the same situations but ina very different way.  I focus on gratitude every day, and that alone is life changing.    For example, I have been able to change my perception about winter coming (and massively of course...I live here now!! Ha!) has drastically changed.

Even further solidifying my acceptance of being here, living here, and staying here, I bought my first 2 pairs of Uggs.  They are heaven on my frozen feet!  I have love them ever since I saw Pamela Anderson wearing them on the set of *Baywatch 20 years ago.  *My first day in LA I went to the beach and was hired a  featured extra on the show.  It wasn't much money, but free meals a few bucks and a couple of montages later at 20 years old felt like I won the lottery!  Anyway she always wore them on Malibu beach because the mornings were pretty chilly there, and they were a good barrier to keep the sand off. But I never lived anywhere that was cool enough to wear them.  Now I can!  And the same brick building I live in that I thought was well..... so BRICK, will actually protect me  during this upcoming storm.  And lastly, that garage that I complained about because it's dirty and difficult to get in and out of is what is going to protect my car over the next few days.  Same circumstances, but with renewed perception.

My Dad called me last night and asked me if I was ready for the storm.  I asked what storm??  I don't watch the news, largely due to the negativity, which I feel is contagious, so I hit opt off by hitting the off button.  Therefore, I had no idea about anything.  I said to him, well I am going to do the same thing I am doing now.  Be inside at home.  I can knock out my writing assignments, organize Real Talk and send out invites, and many other things that I can think of that can be very fun to do at home.

I have my a killer piece of cardio equipment, I today I already knocked out an intense HIIT session which gets my metabolism up for the day, and I really want to go run on the track near my house later on.  Burning some more calories before I may be stuck inside for a while.  My focus on staying in shape after the shows are over are because I have some projects coming up which keep me on the path and in shape!  As of today, I am 3 pounds over my contest weight, and that is a great feeling!

So, the report from Queens is good today.  Actually, it is better than ever because I realize I have so much to be grateful for.

Oh yea, I better walk over to the local little market after this and check if there's any water left.  I'm thinking out loud here.

Also.....My Florida Gaspari Nutrition Tour will be posted very soon.  I will post when I know the specifics.

Hope your training is going well.  Mine is and I am lifting intensely with passion and loving every minute of it!

Talk soon!


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