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Gaspari Tour Italy- Part 1

This last weekend i was asked to attend the 2 Torri show Italy i was due to fly back to the states but Rich (Gaspari) personally asked me to go and as i do have a lot of Italian fans i thought a extra week in Europe and not forgetting all the amazing food italy has to offer i changed my plan ticket right away! loll

I arrived into the airport of Bologna where i was greeted by Rich whom had landed a hour before and our Italian Distributor and fellow Ifbb Pro Gian Pica.

Myself and Gian have a lot of mutual friends so off the bat it was great to talk about places we have both been and exchange funny stories of the people we know, which also killed the "30 min drive" (which in italy thats a hour) to eat.

We were taken to a great hotel where i was informed i was no longer in Italy but another country, this is where Gian lives its a country with in italy called San Marino. I was filled in on all the amazing history and told that if we wanted to we could go sight seeing the next day we would go...

We threw our bags in to our rooms and i had time to Skype Ali and also take a look at the most amazing views of where i was staying. On route there i noticed we drove through acres of farm land with Vine Yards and my hotel view was no different amazing rolling hills and vine yard and agriculture

I headed down to the hotel restaurant where we was met by Tony Freeman who was also out there little to my knowledge, myself and Tony have traveled a lot together in 2012  and also competed in the same shows prior to this trip the British Grand Prix and also the Czech Grand Prix.

Gian order us some amazing steaks filets along with traditional pasta after food.

Rich Chowing down-

We headed to our rooms where myself and Rich showered up from our flights then planned to meet in the foyer to head to the local gym....

Having planned to take some time off since Prague i think my game plan lasted all of two days myself, Rich, Gian, and Tony all headed to the gym and again heading there it was going to be a flush worked out, but being around Rich and his competitive nature that never last long, he always brings the best outta me and needless to say it was on.

Wrapping up and having done some filming we headed back to the hotel to get all showered up and head out to eat, we was told to dress nice so im guessing our shorts and Gaspari tees wont gonna fly.

Gian picked us up and we all headed to a high end Italian restaurant, this place was owned by a friend of his and not being sat for 5mins the food start coming out. After the first plate came out i looked at Tony and he looked me and we both laughed, it was that laugh of knowing we was in for a food fest.

Heres is what i know came out (dont ask me what all in total)  i know i ate a variety of fish, Octopus, Squid, Macrell, Sword fish, Shrimp, Lobster, etc then different types of breads, oils, and then the pasta came....

Needless to say we was all stuffed and then Gian said that was only appetizers we all sort of looked around the table and said "noooo" then Gian said you have come all the way to Italy you have to get the pasta.

Gian called his friend he then went back into the  kitchen, what was cool was you could actually see the chef cooking all the food on tvs in different rooms in the restaurant.

Out came these big wok style bowls- ONE of the big bowls of pasta was given to us each!

Then (yes theres more) Gian said something in Italian to his friends and out came the deserts- a variety of all different kinds check these out...

Gian mentioned earlier in the day he was gonna take us site seeing  and as i love my history i reminded Gian to see if this offer was still on, and quite hastefully he said "heck yes i will pick u up at 10am" so we planned to meet up early and head to San Marino city.

We headed back to the hotel having put down all the desserts- All of us were drunk of the food and after all that food training and travel needless to say i was ready to get to my room, having planed to Skype Ali also bed was calling me fast, and thank goodness my girl isnt rooming with me tonight!!! LOL

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