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Scaling WOD’s

Recently our programing changed at our box. There are now several versions of each workout the highest RX+, then RX, then RXM, then RXM+ to help all levels achieve the same intensity and accomplish the goals of each workout. This new change has been great for so many in our box. It allows each person to work at their personal best and for those concerned with the board scores a great way to see who is doing which workout.

I recently saw on one of the forums a woman talking about her box and saying how the coaches were not flexible in adjusting the WOD and scaling. She voiced her frustration with this and was thinking of leaving CrossFit because of this. Coaches like the one she was dealing with are a huge part of why CrossFit often gets a bad name in the fitness community. Sometimes egos take the place instead of what is best for the athlete.

Scaling workouts is fundamentally is not a problem but actually the smart thing to do as you learn new lifts and moves. A WOD that is suppose to be high intensity is not doing the athlete a favor if they cannot work at the appropriate intensity. Now I think people should be pushed in workouts and not fall back on modifications if they get easy and should always be challenging to achieve higher. But at the same time think pushing yourself at the appropriate level is critical for healthy progression.

Personally I love the new structure in our box and am not afraid to say I don't always RX a workout and it's OK as long as I am working at the appropriate intensity for that WOD. I am in the end making myself fitter, stronger, and ready to compete at my next race, that is truly the most important thing to get out of the workout. Not a number.

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