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World’s Toughest Mudder – 7 Days

This time next week I will be in Englishtown, New Jersey racing the third edition of World's Toughest Mudder. The countdown is one and full race mode has engaged. Yesterday I finished my last full workout and today begin tapering before the 24-hour race next weekend. In preparation for the race it's time to change up a few things in my diet in order to be at optimal health prior to the race.

For long races I make adjustments to my diet and exercise program to ensure my body is ready to perform on race day. In term of exercise I have one more lifting day on Monday then the week turns into restorative recovery with a pilates class and a few walks. My diet is the thing that sees the most changes, alcohol has already been cut out about a week ago. Now it's time to cut out the dairy, up the protein, up the water consumption, and up my overall calorie consumption each day. This week I am upping my protein consumption with 2-3 shakes a day of MyoFusion Elite Protein along with several meals. I cut all cheeses as it's really the only dairy I consume.

As well I fill up a gallon jug of water in the morning and throughout the day refill my waterbottle sipping on the water throughout the day. The goal is at the end of the day having consumed the entire gallon of water to ensure my body is properly hydrated next Saturday. This is the strategy I use for long races and has helped in the past to keep my hydration on track. Finally my overall calorie consumption has been raised as I can lose pounds during an endurance race as the body uses more calories than it takes in an hour. So I use the week before the race as a time to consume and store extra calories for race day. Food like avocados, eggs, and nut butters are consumed in copious quantities over the next few days. The key with the added calories is ensuring they are good fats, and calories. As awesome as sitting around eating donuts all week would be it's about good calories not junk ones.

As I finish the packing and get the final preps done. It's time again to go back to World's Toughest Mudder and for our team (Team Shark School) to really push the limits and have fun in the process!

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