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A Weekend of Spartan Race and Mud & Obstacle Magazine

Over the past week it's been a busy time. Two weeks ago at Alpha Warrior I landed wrong on an obstacle in the race and suffered a severe ankle sprain. After a trip to the doctors to confirm it was not broken, I found out it will be over a month recovery and have put my racing on hold until I heal up and have focused my efforts on recovery and training for the Spartan Race Ultra Beast in September. However, even with the injury there hasn't been too much slowing down around here.

Friday, I had Spartan Race following me for the "Film the Athlete" series, in which the film crew follows you for a day to make a short documentary on your life. As well scheduled for that day was a photo shoot for an upcoming magazine article with the new Mud & Obstacle Magazine from the same company that puts out The Box Magazine, Muscle & Performance, Black Belt, Backpacker, and many others. I recently became a contributing editor to the magazine and will have feature stories in upcoming issues.

We were shooting for an article about what to wear and what not to wear on race day at the race site. Shooting with a sprained ankle was interesting as we worked around the injury, got some great shots and more importantly had a lot of fun. It was a wonderful experience and we came away with some great photos. In addition to shooting for Mud & Obstacle Magazine we also shot a few photos for The Box Magazine and possible crossover articles in the future. Soon we will have some of the behind the scenes photos to share and video from the shoot as well as the video from the Spartan Race crew.

Even with an injury it was fun, we did our best to work around it as I crutched from scene to scene, and ended the day before the Utah Spartan Race with a group talk about all things Obstacle Course Racing at Ute CrossFit. It was a great experience and looking forward to more shoots in the future and more articles.

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