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Your body is a temple I was told as a young athlete in high school. I was told to pick the whole food, vegetables, and fruits over the tasty looking processed stuff. However it was not until after college that I truly began to look at what I was eating, where it came from, and who was giving it to me. I became obsessed with learning what I could about the food industry, how it works, and what is actually on the shelves at the grocery store. As I learned more and more I started to look at other options outside the traditional grocery store. I grew up going to the Farmers Market weekly with my mother but it wasn't until adulthood I realized what a gift that was. Now it seems our food is in the news again with the Monsanto Act, whether you are for it or against it, the conversation is open again about our food and where it comes from.

Now that it's summer, the warm long days, our backyard has come to life once again. Ours is not the pristine lawn but instead a landscape full of edible plants. We have two gardens, as well as a small chicken coop which we get eggs daily. All of this while living in Salt Lake City, not the outskirts but right in the city and in our small backyard we produce a lot of food. There is something magical about knowing where you food came from and that you grew it yourself. I swear it might actually taste better as well. Each day we head out and pick our greens as they go into the salad, eat peas off the vine, and chomp on strawberries before the birds get them.

I know full well this is not an option for everyone, time and space can prohibit this lifestyle. However, there are other options farmers markets are a favorite, not only is it a social atmosphere but you get to interact with the person who grew your food. The other option I like is the CSA - Community Supported Agriculture - think of it as buying stock in a company that pays you dividends weekly in the form of food. The way a CSA works is you buy a share at the beginning of the season then weekly pick up of have delivered food directly from the farm. More and more of these are emerging even in the largest of cities.

The key to the whole thing is knowing where you good comes from and eating it when it is as fresh as possible, as well as in season. There is nothing like a ripe strawberry right off the vine, it doesn't hold a candle to the stuff in the stores! So now I am onto summer eating which is mostly from our garden mixed in with my usual protein shakes with my favorite MyoFusion Elite Series Protein, as well as my recovery drinks of Aminolast. For as they say, your body is a temple, and you are what you eat.

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