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CrossFit Open

We are currently three weeks into the CrossFit Open, a totally new experience for me. I am nowhere in the running to be a regional athlete or gamer. Instead I am using this time period as a chance to challenge myself. I hundreds of reps behind some of the most elite women and that is fine it's not my goal with this CrossFit Open. Instead my goal is simple, stick to something, try something new, and maybe learn a little about myself in the process.

Barely three weeks into this event I can already say I have accomplished all three. In the first week I snatched in the second set a new PR not only once but fourteen times! I went into the workout scared stiff of the snatches only to find myself coming out doing more than I could have every imagined. Was it a trailblazing number that put me to the top of the leader board, no. But it did however, teach me to not underestimate the power that lays within me. During the WOD I never gave up, and kept going until time was over. The first week I learned you are more powerful than you give yourself credit for.

WOD 13.2, having watched it announced I had high expectations. When I got to UTE CrossFit to be judged on the WOD I was coming off a week of being sick with sinus and throat issues. I cast aside my thought of them and instead focused on the workout. Well week two I learned that as much as you tell yourself you are healed you body can have other opinions. My body had a meltdown during the WOD expectations of success were dashed. I pushed myself back into being more sick and taking an additional week to recover. Week two I learned expectations can be a killer and that you need to carefully listen to your body and work around when it is feeling bad.

As I get ready to go into week three's WOD I have no expectations, only hope to get through the wall balls and onto some double unders. This is one workout that I can only go out and do and not think about it too much.

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