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Training and Rest

It seems there is always the push and pull of training, overtraining and appropriate rest. The longer the event the more rest that is required to get back at it all. After a four day travel excursion to get back to the US after Fuego y Agua I was reminded that although the race was over and had already been run, ten hours and over thirty miles of racing takes a toll on the body. One that we don't actually see.

Since arriving home I have found myself wanting to sleep more and more even though the physical tissue had healed and the bruises are fading fast. Deep fatigue sets in after racing, it takes time to recover. I constantly remind myself to stop, pull back and let my body heal itself. For even the physical outwards signs of the race are gone, the body is still internally healing itself from the trauma of racing.

These days are filled with extra hydration, extra sleep, and extra eating (that I will be working off in the gym later). It is all ok and have learned overtime that the longer the race and more physical the obstacles the longer it takes to fully heal the body. I returned to the gym today, bent on having a good workout and found myself switching gears and focusing on a recovery workout, a regeneration workout and one that will not only help me maintain my strength but also recover my body. It's all about the balance and making sure you don't go to one extreme or the other.

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