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The Good Days

It's funny the workouts we most talk about seem to be the ones that are the most brutal, most taxing, most this or that. They allow us to puff out our chest a bit and show all those around us how great we can really be, much like Muhammad Ali said, "I'll show you how great I am..." Other times it's fun to talk about the workouts that really beat us down and made us realize how much we have to improve. What about the workouts that just make us happy, the ones you leave the gym excited to tell the world you just accomplished! Those are the workouts we rarely talk about, we don't want to brag but at the same time feel elated when we walk out the doors or step back into our car. The smile is still there hours later after the sweat has been washed away. Those are the workouts to remember.

Today was one of those days. I checked the blog for Ute CrossFit in the morning to see what the WOD was, I am still fairly sore after running over an indoor marathon on Tuesday to start the new year, 97 laps and somewhere between 27 - 30 miles later, you will feel it. But I didn't want to linger in the pain so I looked it up and decided to go for it.

Today was a combination of back squats, box jumps, and air squats mixed in with some other fun stuff. Then topped off the day with a snowy run in one of the canyons:

WORKOUT 1 at Ute Crossfit:


5×5 Back Squat at 70% 1RM (176#)

5×5 High Box Jump (26.5")

WOD 2:

Complete on your own.

4x :30/:30 Perfect Air Squat. Going for Max Reps. Work the first :30 seconds, rest the next :30

Score is total reps. (130)


3 Rounds

10 Sit Ups


:30 FLR or Plank Hold

WORKOUT 2 on the trails with new inov-8 OROC's:

1 Hour snow run alms fully above the pollution in Millcreek Canyon, Utah

The first workout, I knew I was going to like, the first set I was a little reserved as I saw how 95# would feel after the running. It felt like nothing, so I added another 30# and pumped out the next 5, still super easy. My third set I upped the weight again a little worried I was getting carried away but as I lifted the 155# off the rack and pumped another 5 out like it was nothing I knew I could go heavier. I tend to work on the cautious side when getting up in free weights adding not as much as in the beginning, my 4th set I felt a little more weight at 165# but still had a lot of room for improvement. The final set I added another 10KG or 11# to make my final weight for the day 176# and focused, finishing another 5 clean squats. When I was done I had to check twice my math and make sure I had added the weight correctly, 176# is nowhere as heavy as I once maxed at while ski racing but it's a decent effort and a great number.

My box jumps I was doing with the 24" box and it just felt too easy, everything felt easy today, so I added a plate underneath it to make it just over 26 inches, not bad for a 5'4" woman. I finished out those as well with still some in the tank ready to conquer WOD 2, Air Squats. I watched the clock paced myself and was able to knock out and amazing 130 squats in the time allotted. I left the gym feeling like I was on a cloud.

I got home, ate some food and then had the urge, the need to get above the polluted winter city here in Salt Lake, see the real bluebird sky and get some fresh air in my lungs. As I drove up the canyon and saw the smog below me I took solace in the fact that I was mostly out of it for at least an hour or so. I laced up my new Inov-8 OROC's, which have the added feature of small medal spikes on the soles perfect for running on snowy trails. I headed up the first hill, immediately feeling those muscles in my quads, sore from lifting and the marathon+ only a few days ago. I kept on moving and the longer I stayed out, the better I felt and ironically the faster I ran. I had no fear of slippage, the cold air in my lungs, I felt light on my feet.

I didn't clock distances but it was somewhere around 6+ miles having run the trails before. A nice way to run on a sunny day. As I hopped into the car and headed back down into the polluted and crowded city, I didn't care. The high from the morning workout and the afternoon run could not be overtaken by anything.

I drove home thinking, these are the days it's all about. The days where it's all worth it and that have us coming back for me. These are the days where we don't need an outside source to inspire or push us. All the inspiration and drive comes from within. As I got home, showered and fired up the computer, I carry that feeling and that excitement into the future and bank it for those days that it's harder to motivate.

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