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Conquering Grace

Often during training we all, myself included, like to stick to the things we are good at. It's fun to do the parts of a workout we like and can in a sense "show our stuff" to those around us. But are those really the workouts that make us better, faster and stronger? I have spent a lot of time thinking about what workouts due for us other than just gain muscle or prep us for competition.

Weakness, it's something as competitive athletes we stray from, like to see it and go the other direction. It feels good to be good at something and even better to be great at it. It feeds our inner self often called the ego. However, when the ego has been glutenous and takes in too much that's exactly when we need a workout to expose were we are weak. It is when we are challenged to overcome our weaknesses that our true character comes out.

Yesterday, I was in the gym doing a CrossFit Benchmark workout known by the name of "Grace". "Grace" consists of 30 clean and jerks and the women's RX is 95# (95 pounds). Since this was my first time attempting this workout and I am still very new to jerks (the lift), I scaled the workout down to 75#. Before I started the workout I looked at the board and saw times of those who had done it in earlier classes I set a goal for myself to finish between 5-6 minutes for my first attempt at the workout. I didn't have illusions of killing it like the pro's but wanted to have a decent effort for my first time.

As I started the workout I realized this was going to be harder than it looks and seems when just reading it on the board. As I moved through my first 10 with ease the second 10 got much much harder. As I approached my last 10 I was moving slowly. It wasn't the weight that was getting me it was trying to find the right pace. I struggled through my last 10 finishing out the workout almost at 6:30. Not a fast time at all. But for me it's something to start with and gives me a standard to try to build off of.

This morning before my workout I spoke with my trainer and she reminded me that my main objective is running and to not concern myself as much with my time in the workout. It's funny however that the time I received yesterday drove me harder in the gym today, it gave me a little extra fire to improve upon. This is how working on your weaknesses can really be a benefit. It reignites the fire and drive and pushes you harder each day. For now I have a benchmark with Grace, next time we have a date together I will be sure to finish faster than the last time!

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