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Margaret Schlachter

Look Back at 2012

When I look back on the last year it’s amazing what has happened. I have so many things to be thankful for but today and in fact this entire holiday season has highlighted just how grateful I really am to be part of the Gaspari Nutrition family. Between the exchanges on Facebook among Gaspari Team [...]

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Conquering Grace

Often during training we all, myself included, like to stick to the things we are good at. It’s fun to do the parts of a workout we like and can in a sense “show our stuff” to those around us. But are those really the workouts that make us better, faster and stronger? I have [...]

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Senseless Acts

I got home from the gym this afternoon, I was excited with my workout, then I logged online. I logged onto my Facebook account and found my wall overflowing with condolences to the families in Connecticut. I was confused and googled it as we have no television at my house. When I found out what [...]

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Finding the Balance

Often people ask me about how I balance life, training and racing and seem to hold it all together. Since I began to take control of my own health in 2010 again I have been in a constant act of balanced and unbalanced life. I have found over the past couple of years the key [...]

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