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Movement is a wonderful thing.We take for granted what our bodies can do when we are physically able. It's so important to utilize what we have. (Our bodies) I am talking about this because it just came crashing down in front of me a couple weeks ago. We had our family thanksgiving over at my parents house this year. Almost all of my family was there, plus my Grandma and Grandpa. I don't get to see my Grandparent's a whole lot since they live in Lincoln, Ne, which is about an hour away. I knew both of them weren't doing to well, but when I saw my Grandma my heart sank. She couldn't walk on her own, sit down or stand up without help. When she was sitting down she asked me to help her get to the restroom. Of course I came right up to help her. I helped her get up from the couch and when we were walking she said to me "I wish I would of worked out like you did when I was younger, now I can't do anything by myself, don't take for granted what you have." I couldn't believe she actually said this to me, I'm not a very emotional person, but that made me almost want to cry. My Grandma Alice is still very "with it", her body is just not in sync.

I wanted to share this since I feel like I almost had an epiphany about why I do what I do. Working out not just for aesthetic, but for functionality. Which ever route you take, Crossfit, Bodybuilding, Olympic lifting etc. Lifting weights makes you strong, and being strong keeps you young. Your never to busy for your health, so try and find some time to get out there and push some weight around!

-Libby :)

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